Treasures on a Tuesday
A day with the boys

Baby, it's cold outside!!

I just want to cover up everything! Looking forward to a warm-up on the weekend, anyway.

I've been working on the Simple Yet Effective Shawl -- I cast on almost right away after seeing Ann's a couple of weeks ago. I'm using Noro Kureyon Sock... wasn't thrilled with how the colors were working out/together at first, but it's growing on me as it develops. We'll see. If I end up hating it, I do have a plan.



Sending you warm thoughts! Our weather is too nice, too warm.


Dontch just wanna smack Margene whe she talks about weather being "too warm"!


We have the cold weather here too. It is supposed to be 2 degrees tonight! Time to add another layer of clothes. LOL


It's good to have a plan!

A few days ago I headed out to my car without having heard the weather and thought, "Oh, it's not bad this morning!" On the way: radio said it was 3 below. Oops, guess I'm getting acclimated to winter. (There was no wind, that was why it felt almost warm, though.)

This morning, not so much: once again, I toddled out unwarned, and somehow I thought the warm-up was supposed to start today. NOT. Wind was a factor this morning, brrrr!


This cold is just ridiculous. I'm ready for a warm up!

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