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23 February 2009

There's been knitting!

Afghani cap

"Afghani Cap" pattern by Teva Durham, found in Vogue Knitting On The Go: Caps & Hats.  I used Handmaiden Fine Yarn's "Ottawa," leftovers from the same hank that I used for my Moebius cowl, and there's still quite a bit left.  Intended for my mom, this hat didn't turn out exactly as I'd hoped (though I haven't blocked it yet, and that could change things), but it works.  It turned out just fine, in fact, and looks really cute on Maddy -- so I win!

Afghani hat Top of Afghani Hat

I can't get enough of these colors, so I'm just fine with trying again.

I finished a scarf last night, about a quarter-way through the Oscars.  I sat back, gave appendages a rest, and watched the rest of the show sans knitting.  I think Hugh Jackman did a terrific job, very entertaining.  His opening number was clever and funny.  I laughed hardest at Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman, complete with gum on the podium.  Hil.ar.i.ous.  I kind of lost my way during a few of the montages and sequences, and wasn't blown away by the big musical number.  Absolutely LOVED the format for the four Best Actor/Actress awards.

Anyway, I had a good weekend and feel more rested and "with it" this week -- I was off from the starting gun last week.  Details on that new scarf tomorrow.


That is one cute hat! Here's to a great week...need we ask for more?

The hat is adorable and I love the color combo!

What a great hat! Thanks for explaining the Ben Stiller thing - I hardly ever watch network TV anymore and so I didn't get many of the references. C'est la vie. It was still a good show!

wow I love that hat- and the colors.
(I also didn't get the Ben Stiller thing but it was kind of funny even without the reference)

Great looking hat. I also didn't get the Ben Stiller thing because that was one o the few times I missed Letterman. Ah well. I too thought that the Best actor/actress format was really nice.

I LOVE this hat!!! It is my favorite shape, and in fact I have a hat that I call my Afghani freedom fighter hat, made in pakistan... except it is a dull pinkish mauve color, and when I first got it (goodwill? yard sale??) it smelled like goose poo when it got wet in the rain... so into a good wash. It's pretty itchy, so it'd be so nice to have a similar hat made of nice yarn!!

Love this hat - both pattern and colors. Nicely done. Can't believe I totally forgot about oscars this year and was catching up on Tivo'd episodes of Monk, the Simpsons and burnnotice. duh.

Great hat!! I also thought the presentations of the best actor/actress and supporting actor/actress awards was moving. Very well done. They raised the bar, in my opinion.

What a great cap. The pattern looks really interesting.

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