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Baby's first haircut

A day with the boys

365.63 (Nephew In Hand)

My sister is here for a conference, so Mom and I are taking care of the boys today!  Ann has had a photographic cut-out statuette of her 3yo on her desk for a couple of years and wanted a one of her 1yo.  When the boys were here eating crackers a month ago, I was able to get some pretty good high-key (and easily cut-out) shots of him. can make them in two sizes (this is 5x7) and it arrived yesterday.  It's really something else!

SYES Noro Shawl

It's knitting!!  I didn't get much done yesterday and today's progress will be happily hampered by the aforementioned boys.  At this point, most people would switch to a circular needle.  Ha!  Wait.  Actually, most people would have STARTED on a circular needle and knit the ENTIRE THING on a circular needle.  Well, I don't like 'em -- never have, never will. I  don't have many in my tool chest, either, and, honestly, am rather loathe to go buy one that will likely never get used again.  I've been knitting for how many years now (?) and have never needed a US4 circular needle in any length before.  So.  I'm going to continue on straights, employing a third needle and even a fourth, if necessary.  I may squeeze in another few rows on the pair I'm working, but that's it!

This is the striped version of the fingering-weight version of the Simple Yet Effective Shawl, by the way, knit in Noro Kureyon Sock.  I was HATING the colors when I started, HATING them even more as I progressed, but I turned a corner while knitting out on Tuesday night, and they're growing on me -- I wouldn't say that I'm LOVING them, but definitely LIKING.  I am seeing farm fields in spring, sand and surf.  Anyway, it's getting better.

Have a great day!!



I love your shawl - it's definitely sun and sand, which is nice right about now - but I am completely smitten with the mini-boy - just LOVE it!


Simply beautiful and you describe the yarn perfectly. I can't imagine knitting ANYTHING on straights...but to each their own. ;-)


Oh and have a fun day with the boys. The cut out is SO CUTE!


That little cut out is just so cute! And the shawl is lovely. As for circulars, I love 'em.


That first photo is GREAT! I had to study it (before I read the explanation) and decided you had been busy with the PhotoShop. Shawl is looking most excellent -- I like the colors a lot.


I love the colors of your shawl- makes me think of the beach. :) What colorway is it?


The photo of you holding the cut out just GRABS me. I love it.


Stick to your straights! And what a beautiful little man!!


Hmmmmm. Your SYES is giving me ideas on what to do with the surfeit of sock yarn I have in my stash. And that qt cut tiny man's mom's birthday is coming up..hmmmmmm.


What a great gift idea for Grandparents. I will have to check that out.

Love the shawl. When I scrolled down to the picture my imediate thought was butterfly. Very pretty.


It's adorable!


See this is why I read blogs. Your mini-boy is terrific. He looks like he's ready to step off the base and run around the kitchen.

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