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Winter is dead to me

On my morning drive today, I passed a couple of time-and-temperature signs.  I had my choice of +2F or -6F.  I pondered that as I kept rolling toward my destination and then Elinor's words from a comment she left yesterday popped into my head:  Winter is very much dead to me!  That's had me smiling all morning, whenever I think of it; it even makes me feel warmer (or maybe that's the bowl of hot oatmeal).  I tried to share it with the FedEx guy this morning, but my delivery didn't go as well as his; I'll try again later when UPS arrives.

*ETA:  Haha, I'm reading** this later and it sounds like I tried to share my oatmeal with the FedEx guy, so now I'm really laughing!!

**Through Google Reader, not through Bloglines.  After many fits and starts over the years, I finally bit the bullet and signed off of Bloglines -- it, too, is dead to me -- and committed to using Google Reader.  It's been a week and there are some features I miss, but timeliness is everything.

Here's another thing that makes me smile, unofficial Eye Candy:


SPJ09 Have a happy weekend!  Keep smiling -- and keep your jammies on!  It's Super International Pajama Day on Sunday -- ALL DAY!!  Celia knows how to throw a Pajama Party, and I am definitely there.  Well, not THERE there -- would if I could -- but in spirit-with-pajamas-on, I am so there!!  If it's all new to you, you'll find countdown tips and inspiration -- everything you need to know for a successful Pajama Day -- at the International Pajama Day blog.



Lucky me - I have a headstart on jammy day as I'm still in mine, in bed, and don't plan to get up till tomorrow to meet Kathryn at her basketball game and then back to bed !


I spit on the grave of winter. It's easy to believe winter is gone as today we have clear blue skies and it could be as warm as 40. She'll come back to bite before she's gone, however. Enjoy jammy day!!


I embrace winter in all her frigid and crystal wonder! But check with me again in a month; I suspect I will have changed my tune.


It's almost 40 here today - WOOT! I can't participate in PJ day as I think we're going to the movies but I'll be participating in spirit, of course.


I love that line!
Well we have pretty much made it through January, that's something right?


I can't, just can't, spend the day in jammies. I think I'd break out in hives around 11 am. I can, however, wear sweats and a baggie sweatshirt and really thick socks and be very slothful.

Darling baby. Love the little tip of the tongue showing.


Google reader, eh? Maybe I'll experiment w/ that over the weekend... I've heard others moan about bloglines timeliness too. What cute eye candy, and great spring ephemeral pics!


Ha! Well, I'm glad it helps you look forward to spring. :) And hey, how convenient- I'm still in my jammies. Thanks for the excuse!


I've converted to a conglomeration of Google and Bloglines. I have my most-read blogs on Google, plus the ones that Bloglines can fine posts for but not feeds. I seem to run across an increasing number in that last catagory. Plus I've had too many times in the last year when I had time to read blogs but Bloglines was down or not updating.

Still, I can't give up Bloglines. It's familiar and comfortable and just different to use.

I'm enjoying a sunny day here and pretending it's spring (easier here than there) while I practice lounging in what I wore to bed last night.


I wish I could have a pyjama day tomorrow... but I'm being kicked out of the house during Superbowl!


I switched over from Bloglines to Google Reader several months ago, and it's so much better.

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