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T is for...

...random Tuesday mutterings. Going with the flow. There's a bunch of stuff rolling around in my head today, none of it coming together with any clarity, so random it is!

My sister is undergoing outpatient surgery as we speak (perhaps it's even over already) to remove a lymph node for further diagnostics. I hope that some sort of diagnosis can be reached; it will take a week, I guess. So far, she's been a bit of a medical mystery. Cancer, yes. All the other associated questions, unanswered. One must know what one is treating in order to treat effectively, no? So, yeah, on my mind... and no wonder my thoughts are scattered.

Barista down! Katie is no longer slinging the java; alas, there are only two in the family now.

Unrelated, I've begun to drink ever so slightly more tea.

Thanks to the 365 self-portrait project on Flickr, I should always have at least a photo of myself to post on the blog this year.

The knitting (FO-wise, particularly) really suffered in 2008 and, so far, 2009 is worse. Knit night is tonight and I didn't bring anything with me this morning -- because there's NOTHING on the needles. Well, if you don't count Cromarty. Or Bayerische. Heh. Or, not letting technicalities get in the way, the three (at least) sweaters that are off the needles but awaiting seaming.

I think I want to get something stealthy and new started, though. ; )

I was supposed to have a hair appointment on Saturday. The stylist needed to reschedule and I opted for two weeks out instead of one. I hate my hair so much more than I love it lately (might have something to do with the above-mentioned self portraits and how often I've actually had to look at it from various angles). I think most of it has to do with length. I want it long... longer, at least... again.

I did my morning five, with one burst and one break, but I forgot to floss.



LOVE the photo of you!
Do you get to pick up the floss tonight & have it count? I would think it should...


I did my 30 minutes of wii fit! Hooray for us!!


I'm enjoying the self portraits. We're our own worst critics and you look fabulous in my eyes.


Hope everything went well for your sister. Love the photo. Love all your photos, actually. But I am giggling at the Random Tuesday Mutterings. As my son would say "that's so random" - and it is. And it is good. Happy stealth knitting. Sounds fun.


As for the flossing and the exercise - "they" say that it takes 2 weeks to instill a new habit and that you should take it one change at a time. I say, pat yourself on the back for whatever progress you make.

thanks for all your blog entries - many of my favorites have been taking time out...

Good wishes for your sister.


I always dream that I have hair to fling off of my shoulders. But in the "real" world, it makes me feel like I've got ants crawling all over me if it gets anywhere near that long. My dentist told me that if I got in 4 days a week of flossing I was doing pretty well! So, skipped day, who cares!


I, too, really like this photo of you. Ah, how I wish I could do self portraits :-) it might help with my current stuff (hah)

T is also for "thoughts".. lots of them, and good ones at that for your sister.

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