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Peter Pan meets Dr. Seuss

It was nice to get away.  I wasn't gone for long, but it was fun to hang with the kids.  These photos were taken this morning -- ny nephew -- wearing his big brother's Peter Pan cap -- doing the "Green Eggs and Ham" floor puzzle that Ali gave them at Christmas for the fifth or sixth time.  His mom is 6 years younger than me and I read that book to her so many times when I could read and she couldn't -- over and over and over and over -- that I wouldn't even LOOK at it for years.  I don't think I ever read it to my own kids.  Hop on Pop... no problem.  Cat in the Hat... bring it.  Green Eggs and Ham... not here, not there, not anywhere!!



Isn't it funny how overdoing on something as a kid makes that thing revolting to us as an adult? I have that same feeling about maple nut ice cream and butterscotch pudding.


My brother is four years younger than us and I believe my mother feels the same way as you about Green Eggs and Ham. Great hat!


The color is stunning! I am Sam; Sam I am!


Your post made me smile. My sister is four years younger than I am, and Green Eggs and Ham was also her favorite book. She had the book on tape, but preferred for me to read it to her, as you said, over and over and over again. Such a nice memory now, but so annoying at the time!

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