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Eight Babies!! (...and a Double Chin)

My best FO ever!



God I love this thing.  I can't wait to give it away!

I started this blanket last April, heeding a call put out by Rete after the raid of the religious compound in Texas and all those traumatized kids.  Okay.  All I'm going to say about that is that if the kids weren't traumatized before the raid, they certainly were during that whole ordeal.

I'd stopped at my LYS, Iris Fine Yarns in Appleton, to find some suitable, washable, sale yarn and came away with a bagful of donated Classic Elite "Bubbles" in the most fun and happy colors.

I started knitting with a Log Cabin design in mind.  I was too lazy to find an actual pattern, so cast on and started knitting what I remembered from some previous attempts.  You can see that I made it around laying logs a few times and then grew bored -- and I was also outgrowing my preferred straight needles.  It needed to be much bigger, so I decided to knit on a border using the same rotation of colors in sequence, starting with 12 rows of each, then 18, then 24.

I grew bored again about mid-summer and tried to convince myself that it was done after knitting the border on two sides.  It was also, um, mid-summer -- it was hot and I was cranky -- not really blanket knitting weather, so I put the whole thing in the marinating chamber for a while.

I pulled it out recently with an aim to knit along at least one more side -- and to finish!  In the end it became a little bit of a hodge-podge to use up the odd several yards in some different colors, but the third side was definitely the charm!  It is intended as a donation to a local domestic abuse shelter.



It turned out really cool and I'm sure it will do well warming a family.


It's absolutely fantastic!


It is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!


Very Cool blanket! I'm sure that it will help its recipient feel comfort.


Gorgeous! The colors look great together.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

wow, that is one FO to be super PROUD of. What's next? You're on a roll.


I truly beautiful work!


Yeah, what they all said. I really like that the border is only knit on three sides. Gives the whole thing a lot of depth and interest.


What a cheerful blanket! I'm sure it will brighten someone's day soon!


It absolutely gorgeous. Such beautiful colors!


What a great idea. Looks beautiful, Vicki. What a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do.


Beautiful and cheerful and warm -- what could be better! Well done, you.

Geek Knitter

Oh, that just makes me grin!


Wow, that is gorgeous! Someone will be very fortunate to receive it!


Wow, that's a stunning blanket. Great job with the colors and the designing. It's total eye candy.



Boy, lots of people have been doing blankets lately, and I have total blanket envy.


What a wonderful blanket! Whoever the recipient, it will be greatly appreciated and loved.


Oh my goodness - I LOVE your blanket! (as for me....I will sew anything that is THAT big!)

Special Needs Mama

I love it, and man does that look cozy!


I love it when a project comes together without any real plan. The blanket turned out great.

Andrea (noricum)


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