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More FOs

Can you stand it?  I think I've posted more FOs in the last week than I did all of last year.  Well, maybe not... but very nearly.

Hat/Vintage Button I

This is the Robin's Egg Blue Hat (in Black) that I started on Monday night while watching House and catching up on 2-of-24 hours.  I used Karabella Margrite Bulky from kpixie -- just a little bit over one ball.  It's so, so soft!!  And that's good.  It's intended for my sister if she needs it.


And the Ridged Lace Cowl that I finished a while back but never posted!  I was wearing my nightgown this morning when I took the photos and I did NOT want to take the cowl off!  But I did... I washed my face, got dressed, put it right back on -- and I've been wearing it all day!  It's been out on a few errands and will debut at book club tonight; I've never even washed or blocked it.  I used two balls of Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran and knit 'til I ran out (so I think it's a bit longer than the pattern); I believe I acquired the yarn a while back during one of Norma's stash sales!



Great FOs. I especially love the color of the cowl - makes me think of a nice Merlot.


What a nice hat... and I love that cowl... might have to make one. My palms? wrinlkly. Always have been. and the "life line"? Broken all over... maybe I'll have to put up a pic soon!

Jennifer Jackson

Woohoo! You're a finishing machine.


Mmmm, soft. Yummy.


oooooh! Looks warm.


Yay! I love that picture, in case you haven't noticed. I hope the hat and cowl hasten spring. Geez! Winter is very much dead to me.

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