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22 January 2009

Kate & Al -- feet on a sidewalk

I keep forgetting to change the camera setting from remote/timer to single/continuous shooting. Then, like yesterday afternoon, when I pressed the shutter button nothing happened. I pressed again and again and still nothing, so I turned the camera around and saw the flashing light. *Whack on the head!* Turned the camera back around and here's my shot.

It pretty much sums up my world and how I'm feeling right now -- off-kilter, out of balance, slippery in spots.

I've been knitting a little. Possibly by this evening, but definitely by the weekend, I will be finished knitting the charity kid blanket! I started it last April, originally spurred by the raid on the religious compound in Texas. My intention was to send it to Texas, too, but I have decided that there are plenty of children in my own back yard that would benefit from such a blanket so I'm going to donate it to a local domestic abuse shelter -- which, I feel, is in perfect tune with the spirit of the call from Texas. I have agonized over this a little bit, but it feels right. I can't wait to show you -- I hope I can photograph it properly -- it's a real hodge-podgey mish-mash that I started without any real plan, and I just love how it's turned out!


Home is a good place for charity. Sending good balance thoughts your way.

What Margene said. Be well, stay upright, and stay warm.

Act local, think - whatever......! I think I'm feeling like you are - but with a real bad mean or angry streak poking through. It's nasty city up here.....

I actually like the picture but I'm sorry that you're feeling unbalanced. Hope that changes around for you.

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