As The Elliptical Turns, or Has Vicki Flossed Her Teeth Today?

Fixin' and finishin'

My "Larger Than Life" bag was unearthed last night, along with an unfinished Baby Surprise, a cute little baby hat that needs only ends woven in, a mini Clapotis that I don't like, some lovely cashmere knitted into a piece that it doesn't really want to be, and a few odds and ends -- not to mention some yarn.

It seems I ran into the pile that needs fixin' and finishin' -- or rippin' and a do-over.

I love my Larger Than Life bag and loved the idea I stole from Margene, I think, to use drapery tie-backs for the handles, but the bag is HUGE and, because I made it from cotton, it's HEAVY. Taking it to the farmers' market on Saturday and loading it up with veggies, without so much as a dry run to the library, well, you can see the outcome.

I'm finally over the disappointment. It'll make a perfect bag for larger knitting projects -- I think I even made some pockets when I sewed the lining -- so I sat down with it last night to see what I could do. Two of the tie-backs pulled apart completely, the other two are just fine. I removed them all (having sewn them on like there's no tomorrow, this was a little easier than expected) and am in the process of contemplating the options -- with and without tie-backs.

E5, F1



Love the bag! Maybe a leather handle would be better.


I recently made two backpacks for my nieces. I went to the local mountaineering place and got some pretty colored narrow webbing (heavy duty nylon) to use for the straps. Of course, I didn't tell the burly guy measuring it out for me that it was 'pretty'. You could either sew that directly to the bag, or slip it through grommets and only have to sew the ends together. On the quilted bag I made (you could put a small child in it!), I ran one long continuous cord through the grommets which helped it cinch shut so I didn't have to put a zipper in. Good luck!


Crap - I still haven't finished my LTL bag.

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