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Eight Babies!! (...and a Double Chin)

In honor of the OCTUPLETS born yesterday, eight random things (in about 5 minutes):

1. A palm reader might be able to do a reading from that photo... hm.

2. I had my palm read by a coworker once... I think there was something about three children, but I could be wrong. Can you imagine eight at once? Once they're home and everything, when do you suppose the next truly quiet moment in that household will occur? I'm thinkin' years. Or a full night's sleep? One of my neighbors has five kids -- three surviving quadruplets sandwiched between an eldest and a youngest -- and I know what it was like for her. I hope they have lots of support and a warehouse for the diapers!

3. I am a little bit fascinated by palm reading, fortune telling, psychic readings, astrology.

4. My car had a new catalytic converter installed yesterday -- and has much more vim and vigor!

5. Katie has not only opened an Etsy shop, she's blogging, too!

6. I started knitting a Robin's Egg Blue Hat last night in black. I'm using Karabella Margrite Bulky, purchased on sale recently at kpixie, and I'm hoping to find a suitable vintage button in Grandma's collection. This will be for my sister, if she needs it; otherwise, it'll be for someone else.

7. I haven't been on the elliptical machine in a week -- kinda lost it there about mid-week -- but I have been flossing! And I will try again with the e-machine. It's just so hard at o'dark-thirty on a cold cold cold winter morning. Did I mention that I've been flossing? (I'll take my victories, even if they're little.)

8. I'm doin' my darnedest to keep my chin up... both of 'em! Thank you!!



It's unimaginable, at least for me...eight babies at one time!!
Go, Katie. Like mother, like daughter. May she find success!


You just keep putting one foot in front of the other and make it through. Babies, knitting, cars, life . . . that's all we can do.
I haven't done the Wii since last Friday. Time to climb back on that bandwagon.


Hmmm, I see that you are equally ruled by your head and your heart...though the heart has a tendency to win out. Life line looks long and strong. Marriage line too looks long and strong, but I can't tell if there might be a late life one there as well. It also appears that "fate" doesn't rule you...even if it sometimes feels that way. It also appears that you are an "old soul".


A local family had triplets a few years ago. Ladies from the church pitched in to help them with child care, laundry, shopping, and even some time off. Multiply that by 2.5 -- yikes. I hope the parents have some good support systems.


I watched Super Nanny on Friday (I know, I know, but I needed something really brainless). She was helping a family with two sets of twins under five years old. But eight? All the same age? Boggles the mind.

Geek Knitter

Just the idea of eight babies at once makes me want to demand IV Valium for 20 years. Hi, I have no kids, does it show? :)

Julia in KW

I rarely comment (being the lurker that I am), but thought I would say that I had a good smile from your blog today - and in retrospect I wasn't sure why, but as I re-read the entry, I think it is because I so relate with the taking the small victories as they come and not stressing over the misses...I enjoy reading, hope you don't mind we lurkers...j


hmmm - noticing a strong heart line (steady in your love, that you are) and also a very strong head line, which leads right into the edge of your hand.. means you trust your intuition.
and your life line looks mighty clear too, dear one.
nice palm btw (heh heh) is that your dominant hand that is showing??
(the above is purely from stuff I picked up along the way in life - I am by no means any kind of expert on this topic -)

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