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Darn it!

Not really what you want in your mitten when the forecast for the week is for the coldest temperatures we've had all year.

The first thing I heard when the alarm went off this morning: "It feels like 17(F) below!"

Finally, you know it's bad when "a high of 18(F)" on the weekend sounds good.

That's all I have to say about the weather.

I'll have to dig around for some scraps to darn this hole. I don't think I'll have to be all that choosy about color.

E6.0, F1



You might need two or three pair of mittens if it's that cold!!


At +18F, I'm not sure I'll even need a coat. ;)


Yowza. I guess I'll stop complaining about our cold temps.


Ha! I laugh at your -17℉ wind chill! It is -15℉ here without the wind. Of course, it is also fairly still, so the wind chill could very well be the same as yours.

Ah, winter. Darn those mittens (ha -- a pun!) and be warn!


Oh, dear! Guess it's time for a repair, or time to knit a new pair of mitts...


Oh dear, I get that sinking feeling when I discover a hole in my socks. Darn, darn, darn!!! At least it's fairly small. But much too pretty a mitten not to fix.


Well you can darn it for now but I'd also say it's a great reason to knit a brand new pair of mittens!


It's not all bad news, it does at least give you the excuse to make another pair.


Ooh goodness! I just made my 1st pair of mitts and would freak if I saw that!

Gurl we are acting crazy here in the south to hear 'teens' in the evening!! LOL

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