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As The Elliptical Turns, or Has Vicki Flossed Her Teeth Today?

Heheheh.  I amuse myself, but I won't torture you any longer!  Except to say -- one more time -- that YES, despite tossing, turning, getting up, freezing my ass off in the middle of the night, going back to bed to toss and turn some more, AND hitting snooze twice this morning, I did get up and put in 5 on the elliptical machine, had time for a shower AND flossed my teeth.

From now on, I will just write a little code to myself -- E5, F1 -- kind of like playing BINGO (...or BENFO), or doing a crossword.  I need to hold myself accountable and public is good, but I don't need to write the words "elliptical" and "floss" every single day and neither do you want to read it.  It's only been little over a week and I'm already sick of writing/reading it myself.

I tried to start a knitting project last night but a dozen rows in, I just wasn't feelin' it.  I think the problem is part inability to focus, and part mismanagement of stash. The yarn is scattered all over!  It's in various places in the living room, the laundry room, and even in the studio.  There are a few projects I'd like to start, but I'm just grabbing what's handy, even if it's not right or I don't even like the yarn because I don't feel like yarn hunting.  Cripes, not that I've got much of a stash -- a couple balls of this, a little of that, mostly small-project stash -- but the weight of all the little stuff is almost more to bear than a few big things.  I feel a purge coming on -- and about a dozen balls of Cotton Ease is at the top of the list.  I don't know why I don't like that yarn -- I've knit with lots of cotton over the years -- but I just don't.

I'd better get something started soon, though!



Maybe use the Cotton Ease for flossing - oh, nevermind.....


Good for you. And, for the record, I like hearing that you've done your elliptical stuff. It gives me the chance to tell you that I've done my wii fit stuff.


WAY TO GO VICK!!!! (I should really go floss....)


I knit up three skeins of Cotton Ease last January in preemie hats. I will never touch the stuff again. There are other cotton yarns that are much more pleasant to knit.


Hmm, I like cotton ease.... but not the elliptical. I have been using the exercycle more successfully this past month, mostly because it is way too dark in the AM to walk. Weight training is helping too... hang in there.

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