Snack break
No rest for the wicked

A day of "rest"

Okay.  So I did not work out on the elliptical machine today.  I did get the tree taken care of and vacuumed up the mess; took down, washed, and put back up the living room curtains as long as the path was clear (which involved some up-down on the ladder and clenching of certain muscles while wrangling with curtains and rods while perched atop said ladder, etc.); rearranged the furniture a bit; and dusted.

I also helped Alison with her business plan -- a trimmed version that will be entered in a contest for which she could win oodles of money.  Well, perhaps not "oodles," but some -- more than a little, almost a bunch, any amount sure would help.  We will be meeting with a banker, um, as soon as one calls her back.  Holidays schmolidays.

I worked on my own books, too.  I wasn't intending to get as far as I did, but it feels GREAT.  I guess.

I'm sure I did other stuff -- rearranged a small stack of recently downloaded/printed knitting patterns, wondering what I'm in the mood for, not really minding the break (my fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulders all thanking me and reminding me with the occasional tingle that rest is good).

We'll see what tomorrow brings... besides the trek back to the salt mine.



I envy you that you can rearrange the furniture! Our options are so limited that I'm pretty much stuck with the way things are. It did feel good to put away all the Christmas stuff and get things back to normal yesterday. Going back to work today definitely won't feel as good.


I'm not really looking forward to the trek back to the salt mines. This weekend of knitting produced 8 loads of laundry. I can see the laundry room now! It's the time of year that reorganizing and catching up with oneself feels good.


Sounds like a good wind-down down. I'm really not looking forward to the return to normal life. I lked having everyone around for the last two weeks. Much less lonely....


I say housework is enough of a workout! I have most of the Christmas stuff put away but now I really need to start some serious cleaning out/throwing away of stuff!


The fact that you would consider thinking about the eliptical after doing all that house work is admirable. I did all sorts of sitting yesterday and never once thought I should get on the treadmill ;)
Happy New Year!

Geek Knitter

Leslie is right... wrangling curtains most certainly counts as a workout!

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