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20 January 2009

24: The marriage


Congrats and happy anniversary!

Aw, great pic! Congratulations!

Woo hoo. Congratulations on your first 24!

You two are danged cute! Congrats!

And you both look delighted to be married to each other! What a nice looking couple! Congratulations!

Happy Anniverary!

Great photo of you guys! Here's to many more happy years together!


I love seeing the genetic other half. It's like finally seeing the rest of the story in the kids.

You two look marvelous and I love the pictures of your last post, too. Congratulations!!!!

Many happy returns! What a beautiful picture of an equally beautiful couple!

What a great photo! Happy Anniversary!

I love this picture!! I think you should win the "cutest couple" award. Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids!


Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids!

Congratulations & A Very Happy Anniversary!

May you have another 24 and more! Congratulations!

Happy Anniversary and congratulations! What a super picture too.

Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary and huge Congratulations to you both. 24 years... seems like a good start!

Great photo, Vicki. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Congrats! Great picture too!

Congratulations on a wonderfully happy achievement! May you have another happy 24 and 24 more. The picture tells all!


What a marvelous photo! You look too happy to have been married for 24 years. I thought the spark went out after 20?? Congratulations!!

Happy Anniversary!


GAH! I can't believe I missed this by almost a WEEK! Happy Anniversary. What a great photo!

Congrats!!! Love the picture!

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