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21 December 2008

O is for...

Old photos. This is June 1987. My grands holding my two eldest daughters -- Ali was only about two months old (but what a little chunker, eh?) and Katie was a brand new big sister.

For as far back as I can remember, my grandparents spent the month of June at "The Flowage." We always tried to make it, too. It was a wonderful piece of property on a point and with it's own little island where the old boat house was (and also poison ivy) (and forget-me-nots) (and ladyslippers). Gram & Gramps are sitting on the edge of the bridge to the island.

I spent most of today buffing up and reformatting a bunch of photos from various sources/cameras so that we can give my dad a pre-loaded, as it were, digital photo frame for Christmas. I am agitated beyond belief with the fact that NONE of the old photos I scanned will display in the frame. I can see them in fast-forward-ish menu bar, but they will not display. I am steeling myself for a call to Tech Support tomorrow...

I am actually going to try rocketing to the finish of the ABC-Along. I really do hate not to finish what I started, though I meant to start finishing yesterday.


That's a great photo. I thought they were supposed to have improved those digital frames significantly over what was available last year. That may, however, still leave much room for inprovement.

Do I need to finish the ABCalong? Since I took those months off blogging I think I'm on J, so I could more than fill the rest of the year.

What a great picture. What a lovely gift you're making. I hope you're able to work out the kinks.

You can do it! Love the picture and the stories of your family.

That's a wonderful gift idea for your dad. I hope you resolve those technical issues - that can be so frustrating!

What a great old photo. I love looking through my stacks, though the scanning is not so fun. I have a new scanner on my "to buy" list for next year!

Love the old photos too. And glad to see somebody else besides me is way way behind on the abc-along! I saw something about this just the other day...on a cnet listserve I think... but when I go to their site I don't see it... google digital photo frame scanned images and see if you can find something. Also photoshopped images have trouble in these frames. Good luck!


It's a wonderful O and a wonderful photo!

That is the A#1 gift idea of all time! Your dad will love it. (And I know you will solve the technical problem.)

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