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Honest to god, I have so much more to say.  I must one day soon just throw Caution off my shoulder and write more cohesively.  There's so much wrapped up in all of this.

I didn't go to knitting tonight.

I attended a meeting with Alison, instead, that went kind of long.

She's been meeting with all sorts of people who are helping her in various ways in her quest to buy a coffee shop.

Tonight it was with a guy from the Small Business Development Center who is coaching and guiding her through writing her Business Plan.

She's been working on this for several months.

She laughed tonight when she gave me her big, bent-out-of-shape binder full of stuff -- I might have time to move some things around and help out with the formatting tomorrow -- and told me not to lose anything or throw anything away.

She has every iteration of her Business Plan in there, way back to the very first one -- a couple of sentences on a piece of paper.  Now it's many pages long, is organized, has facts and figures backed up with research, tables, lists, comparisons, an appendix, sources.

I am so proud of her.

The whole idea is a long shot.  A long, long shot at 21 and with two dimes to rub together (on a good day).  And the longer it takes, the longer the shot seems to become in this sucky economy.

Hopefully, things will loosen up some.

Hopefully, her hard work will be taken seriously and will mean something to someone holding purse strings.

Not surprisingly, she's taken much more seriously in any encounter when accompanied by one of her parents.

Hopefully, she will find some measure of encouragement -- tempered by caution.  I dread that she'll face a wall of discouragement.

I wish we could be of more help to her -- not just of the hand-holding variety.

I am alternately optimistic and scared shitless.

And inspired.

Ali's the coffee or tea girl.

You'll find me here.



Wow, good for her! I wish her all the best as she makes the big leap.

I'm 23 years old and I have just opened my own yarn store. We opened on November 29th after working extremely hard to turn our downtown space into a warm inviting place that knitters will want to hang out and shop. It took the kindness and support of all my family and friends to get to this point, but even as young as I (and your daughter!) are, it is totally possible to build a business and to be successful. It takes a ton of hard work, and she will have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously because of her young age, but at this age we have so much energy and so few responsibilities that it's an amazing time to start a business. Don't give up!

Good luck to you and your daughter!


I admire her courage (and audacity and chutzpah!) -- starting a business is a Big Deal. Best of luck to her!


Best of luck to Ali. I have a nephew-in-law who opened a car repair shop a year ago this month and still needs some occasional help. But good for her for going for what she wants.

Is Mex365 a new project?


I sincerely hope this works out for her. It would be terrible if this economy squashed the dreams of a 21 year old entrepreneur!


How wonderful she has a dream to pursue. May it come true!!


Good luck to Alison! She's probably planning this at the best time. Very exciting and scary.


I've got my fingers crossed for Ali - her ambition is awesome & enviable.


I am SO behind her! As you know, because you've been there, we all love our local coffee shop and it's thriving!


Good luck and congratulations to Alison. It's very ambitious to be so entrepreneurial so young.


I would like to try that Mex365. And before you provided the critique, I was thinking to myself, "What a great portrait."

Steph VW

That's so very exciting. I hope things go well!

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