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30 November 2008

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I'll kitchener the toe before going to bed tonight!

DH and I were invited to a friend's for dinner tonight -- lamb stew was the main course. Unfortunately, it's just a bit down the road and we're in the middle of our first Winter Storm Warning tonight!


Very Cute socks, Vicki. I hope your evening was nice and uneventful. The snow is falling near my house but the forecast has scaled back the number of inches. Tomorrow will tell.

Warm cuddly-looking socks! Only flurries predicted for our part of the state.

Cozy socks! We'd love to have a snow storm...I'm envious.

Great looking socks! We got a dusting overnight here.

I thought you would say that you ran out of yarn that close to finished. Whew. Those look too nice to have to deal with that.

Hope you stayed warm and cozy with power on.

I love those socks...they look GREAT! What yarn did you use? I have the pattern and want to make them, but I had never seen any other pictures besides the one in the book.

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