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20 November 2008

Stone steps

This is the second set of mysterious steps I've photographed this fall -- both of them leading upwards. I hope that means something good!!

This was right outside of Maple Wood Lodge -- visible from the house. There was a small, low area with a patio, picnic table and grill, surrounded by this little crescent-shaped incline that was full of wildflowers (some may say "weeds") -- yesterday's milkweeds were shot from the top of those steps. There is a very large clearing at the top of the steps, on the far side of which are a volleyball net, a tetherball pole and a swing.

The outside firepit is a little ways off to the left from here. We enjoyed all of our fires in the indoor fireplace, thankyouverymuch, with jammies on and knitting or something* in-hand. Annie bought some bulky alpaca on Saturday and whipped out a quick hat for Mack while we watched a movie that night!

*A magazine, a glass of port, a plate full of chocolate tart.


Steps going up can only be a good omen. Your weekend sounds better and better the more you tell us about it.

неплохие записки

Great shot - great eye!

Lovely photo - it could definitely go in a frame for when you need something calming to look at :)

Very nice - reminds me a sort of "stairway to nowhere" not far from where I live. Remnants of a building long gone.

Just by themselves they are lovely but they are certainly a symbol of journey. I almost expect to see faeries or druids in your next photo.

How lovely.

Everything is white with snow where I live, so I especially enjoyed seeing a different season to remember some of the beauty of what's underneath waiting for spring.

I *love* this photo!

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