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24 November 2008


I love this bear. He's about four years old and is very well loved. He wears it well.

I worked like a dog last night and this morning, and will be taking the night off tonight and knitting -- thanking both my lucky stars AND the electronics gods for the invention of the DVR. What in the world would I have done back in the olden days when the Green Bay Packers played on Monday Night Football at the SAME TIME as Finale Day One-of-Two of Dancing With The Stars?!?!?

Okay, if you must know... I love Warren Sapp for the same reasons everyone else does -- he lights up the floor and is a big ol', well loved teddy bear -- even though he's not a very good dancer. I love Brooke Burke because she IS a good dancer -- I love her natural talent and hate her (in a good way) for looking like that after giving birth to... how many kids? One, two, ten, it doesn't really matter. I hate her. ; ) And I love Lance Bass because he has worked so hard, pushed the boundaries, and has made the most improvement (IMHO) of all -- and I just never forgot his story about being relegated to the back row because he was the worst dancer back in the boy band days. I don't think he'll ever have to worry about that again. (I hope Lacey Schwimmer stays on DWTS, particularly in light of Julianne Hough's recently announced departure.)


I love that bear, too.

I love the bear and that precious little bracelet just as much!

I love it that you're watching DWTS! Warren? I love him, but I think Brooke and Lance will go head to head tomorrow. That's my 2 cents worth.

oh.. I am such a goner over teddie bears.
And geez... now you are making me miss having a tv. Maybe next year I'll get one too.

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