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12 September 2008


I took the long way through town yesterday morning on my way to work. The sunrise was INCREDIBLE! I had to stop and shoot. Today was shades of gray from start to finish. I like this better.

Company is due in this evening. I feel like I'm forgetting something for tomorrow. Hopefully it'll come to me before Sunday morning. Happy weekend!


Absolutely spectacular!

woah! Looks like you are in NM!!!

Beautiful sunrise! I love how you caught the reflection in the water.

The colors of the sunrise are amazing. Thanks for taking time to stop and share!

OMG that sunrise is just scrumptious! :)

What a lovely sky! I was able to see a little of Wisconsin's expansive skies yesterday after driving through the last of Ike, Chicago was terrible. We're now just outside of Madison with a broken down U-Haul. I guess we were meant to spend a little extra time in this lovely state.

WOW, what a beautiful shot!

Thanks for stopping to shoot that icredible sunrise. i love your new haircut. Kudos to all you lace knitters

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