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We'll never forget you Brent!

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I swear on a stack of Brett Favre farewell tributes...  My BIL's neighbor printed who-knows-how-many T-shirts that declare:  WE'LL NEVER FORGET YOU BRENT!!

And now my BIL (not an Aaron Rodgers fan) has his game shirt for the season.

I went to New York City swift on the heels of Brett Favre's signing with the Jets -- or "Jet Favre," as Mack calls him.  I had instructions to buy Jet Favre jerseys while I was there, if I could, but I couldn't.  I did manage to be the third whacked out cheesehead in one day to ask this guy to model his...


...and we saw his name in lights.  Well, he's delighted the crowd once again, claiming his first win as a Jet in classic Favre fashion.  Bittersweet.  (Today's game was one of at least 8 that the local CBS affiliate will broadcast in the Green Bay market this season.)



So I had to go back and look at the guy's picture to see that it's a JETS shirt! Yikes. I think Brett should have just retired. But it'll be fun to watch!


I almost called you after the first touchdown, but I couldn't do it. ;-)


Cam wore his Brett jersey the first day of school!


I think, considering Brents change of venue, the new question is: How are you feeling about the first Monday Night Football game of the season. THE Boarder Battle?

Personally - I'm not nearly as jazzed about it as I would have been.... I think he took something with him that we're going to miss.


Brent!!! I love that!

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