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PorchfloorThe summer house-painting projects are nearly complete -- windows and trim on the south side of the garage will get attention, everything else will wait 'til next year.

This week it was all about the back porch floor.  DH labored on Labor Day, applying a coat of primer to the prepped floor.  When he was a very young man, he worked with his grandfather painting houses and commercial buildings in northern Wisconsin.  He's pretty good at it.  He also tries to make a living as a painter -- though with watercolors and acrylics, rag paper and canvas, and smaller brushes.

I gave him the "Knitting Interview" over dinner out a couple of weeks ago and the answers were pretty predictable -- a sampling:

The sweater I knit for Katie is recalled as "being good" -- a baby sweater of many colors, knit well enough but very poorly put together -- it's "cool" because of the colors, the buttons (which I recycled from an old shirt of his)... vintage, history...

Knitters don't have an expensive hobby "as hobbies can go."

My knitting in public has never embarrassed him, he can't name another blog, reads mine very seldom, doesn't think the house would be any cleaner if I didn't knit, and doesn't mind that I check out yarn stores everywhere we go.

When we got to this question...  Do you understand the importance of a swatch?  I almost couldn't continue -- in fact, I almost fell right out of the booth and onto the floor laughing when he answered:  To make sure the color matches -- like a paint swatch.

Maybe the question should have been about the importance of dye lots!

DH is quite good with a tape measure and saw, hammer and nails, sketching out designs for bookshelves, bathroom overhauls, garages, houses, major remodeling projects.  He's great at abstract thinking and knows all about measuring and making things fit, but I guess you buy your lumber, measure twice and cut once, and it fits (with a tap-tap here and a tiny shim there) -- the variables (whether it's a 2x4 or 2x6) are predictable, calculated, and taken into account.  He obviously came at the question from the more creative and artistic angle.

Anyway, it still makes me laugh.

Me:  Is there anything you'd like to add in closing?

DH:  I like that you have a community with blogging.

I like that, too.  Thanks for reading.  Happy Saturday!


Special Needs Mama

Love it!!! Since I am right now painting, I hear him. Maybe my painting will take me back to knitting. I sure hope so.


Nice butt ;-)!


I love how you turned the interview into a narrative - great job!


Yeah, that swatch comment is pretty funny!! I went and looked at those pictures, but found that they didn't have the things I was most/least drawn to on the lists... and since I didn't give my email, I didn't get my results... oh well.




None of us would have stuck around blogland without the COMMUNITY! Paint swatch..that's a real mans answer! LOL


That is wonderful. Just wonderful!

My husband has been so crazy busy for the last week that I haven't tried to stop him to ask him questions....he wouldn't be paying attention. But I will!


I knew I liked him!!

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