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This is a "Calumet Standard Head S2" strobe light. I have another, of the "linear" variety, and a power supply (that weighs a ton) to go with 'em. DH has had these for years -- he used to use them with a medium-format camera to shoot 4x5 transparencies of artwork (his own and others'), and also to shoot slides. These were the formats most needed for reproducing the work in various ways and/or for jurying into shows. Things have changed. Most (though not all) everything is done digitally now.

Anyway, I'm intrigued by these lights and all the possibilites. I love "natural light," but there's a time and place for "studio light," also. That would be winter 'round here. In fact, it is now dark when I get up for work in the morning.

I have research and local inquiries yet to make, but thought I'd throw this on the blog because, as we all know, the blog works in mysterious ways. What I need to know is how to make these work with my digital outfit and what I need. I'm as green as they come in the area of flash photography, but I figure some sort of wired or wireless transmitter.

More pictures of the equipment on my Flickr page.

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I've been doing well on the blog break. Some highlights:

--Recycling a TON of cardboard boxes and reclaiming a half-ton of bubble wrap and air pillows from The Annex (also known as Ali's old bedroom or my studio/office).

--Coming this >< close to being skunked. I think I startled one in the back yard the other night when I let a cat out -- I don't know what a skunk's range is, but holy crap, I think I was in it. The smell was so strong and so bad that it felt like it was on me. It almost made me sick a few times and I could sleep. It was like the odor would intensify and wash over me in waves. My car, in a closed garage and with car windows closed, smelled like skunk the next morning and, in fact, even still in the evening.

--My next door neighbor is having sewer problems and I think I smell that, too. Or is it mine? Or a skunk? Or did the dog do? OR PHANTOM SMELLS??? I have many options to choose from, anyway. No laughing matter. There's a reason why building a brand frickin' new house on a street that hasn't seen new construction in 100+ years might not be such a good idea. Now they're going to dig again to see what's the problem next door, and then again to fix whatever the problem is -- and every time they do that I'm at risk. If it's not broken already because, I swear, I do smell something -- and I did even before I knew about the problems next door. We're down to one kid at home and we have efficient water appliances -- it could be a while before we really knew. Meanwhile, I keep checking the basement...

--I think I fell for this once before, but was very excited when I parked next to a vehicle at the grocery store that proclaimed on the window: fleece4sale (dot) com. I couldn't wait to get on the computer at home to check it out... too bad I don't have any use at all for polar fleece (even prior to the onset of hot flashes, I found that stuff to be too hot).

--The house down the street -- and untouched jewel and my next favorite on the block -- has sold and a young couple was there all day on Saturday clearing overgrown bushes and whatnot. They got a bargain, but the house needs a lot of work. The light fixtures and various hardware items are the stuff of dreams.

--I continued to work exclusively on Juno Regina. Along with the cooler evenings/nights/mornings, the knitting mojo seems to have returned, though, and I'm ready to finish a few items that had been tossed aside and sink my needles into something substantial.

--Registered Maddy for her senior year. The first day of her last year of high school is a week from today!



I'd like to learn about using the flash, too. I don't have anything as fancy as you do, though! Hannah starts her jr year of high school tomorrow. Where did the years go?


High school registration tomorrow for us, one first year, one last.

I'd love a peak at these old houses.
Construction that close is always a nightmare.
Good luck with it.


Middle school for us! How did all this happen???

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

I can give you advice on that strobe head, send me an email and I'll drone on in lighting geek talk to you for hours. I promise.


It surely is the weather changing. I'm thinking of something "substantial," too.


Happy First Day of the Last Year of High School to your daughter! I just sent one off to college; today, her younger sister is experiencing her First Day of the Second-to-Last Year of High School.

Love your blog and it's pretty pics!

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