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More sky



Saturday Sunset from Rachel's from porch, near Waupaca.

Continuing a very busy weekend, I'm on my way to Madison today in a borrowed van to haul the big stuff from Katie's apartment.  She will be completely moved out by Friday (already!)!

I just had a very nice post disappear and I just don't have the time to reconstruct.  It's never the same, anyway.

I'll try again tomorrow -- with more about Waupaca, Rachel's new old house, outbuildings, yarn shops, knitting friends, good food, socializing, and probably Madison.  I haven't blogged yet about Mamma Mia or Thursday Night Thunder, either.  I'm behind.

Before I run, though, I must send thanks to my sister Sharon and to Terry -- they both called me this morning, having remembered my mentioning Steve Winwood last month, to tell me that he was featured in a segment on CBS Sunday Morning today!  (I love the internet.)  Sharon told me that she remembered borrowing Mr. Fantasy from the library's record collection, too.

Oh, and a quick knitting update:  I worked on the Old Shale baby blanket yesterday and it's nearly finished -- maybe one more ball of yarn will do the trick.  Also, the Juno Regina scarf is coming along... I'm calling it Try #3B.


Mary in Boston

What a beautiful picture! I love how your photography skills are taking off.

I'll be interested to see your post about Mamma Mia. I got to see that with my daughter last weekend and enjoyed it. Particularly one song...which made me cry. I bet it did you too. ;-)

Steph VW

What a beautiful photo! It's been raining and yucky here all weekend. It's nice to see the sun is still out there, doing its thing, making the world pink and beautiful.


Oh my. I love your photo with the range of colors between Wisconsin earth and greens and sky. Where is Katie off to?

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