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More sky

Birds Fly

It does look a little like a Van Gogh sky, doesn't it?  I stopped twice Sunday night on my way home from Madison to take pictures.  I was disappointed that the nice day had turned cloudy just in time for the drive -- I was wanting better light, a real sunset -- but it took a dramatic turn that was actually pretty cool.

Makin Hay

It's the time of year -- one of my favorites -- when hay bales start to dot the landscape.  The countryside is so rich right now -- an earthy, mostly geometric patchwork of color and pattern in golds, browns, greens, sometimes rolling and other times flat, cut by meandering roads, rivers and streams.  I can't wait to see it from above; any nervousness I have about flying is always squelched by my anticipation of the view.  To me, there's nothing worse than flying on a cloudy day (though my neck doesn't get nearly as stiff from looking out the window).

I finished the Old Shale baby blanket just as we arrived in Madison on Sunday. DH will spend a couple of days at my sister's hanging doors and doing carpentry work.  My BIL will be an able assistant to DH, as needed, and an apprentice was born.  At his request, I clipped a tape measure to the waistband of Mack's shorts, after which he exclaimed, "I'm part of the TEAM!"  The team was preparing for a trip to the lumber yard as I left -- and it was a long good-bye, waving and saying "Bye-bye" a thousand times just to hear Addison say it back a couple of times.

I hauled back a load of big & bulky stuff from Katie's apartment -- she will be completely moved out on Thursday.  What a year!  The situation with the roommate a few months ago has remained somewhat strained and difficult -- mostly featuring avoidance, but improved in some respects.  Later this month, Kate will be moving in with my sister and her family (behind one of the doors that DH will hang this weekend) until graduation in December.

{Random thought:  I think she'll be moving up here, then, for a while -- possibly even HERE here (like HOME here) for a short time, depending on how things work out.  Or maybe she'll take another track and move to England or Ireland.  You know?  She's 23 and untethered (presently) and these are just two of her many options right now.  I have a lot of fun with her and sure love having her around and close, but I'd love to see her go and do stuff now, when it's easier and while she has the chance, too.}

Front Door Corn

Rachel is one of the regular knitters in the group that knits out on Tuesdays and this is the view (another of the Saturday night sunset) straight out her front door.  Rachel and her husband just bought a house in the country near Waupaca and she invited us all out on Saturday.  (See the rows of corn right across the road?  Doesn't get much better than that.)

DH dropped me for a hair appointment on Saturday morning, after which I shopped the Appleton farmer's market for a few minutes, then walked over to Ann's.  We drove out to Waupaca together with her little man -- a wonderful traveller, by the way.  We met up with everyone at the Waupaca Community Arts Co-op and then we made our way to The Troll's Cove.  I left both places with one ball of yarn and plenty more inspiration.

We shared a wonderful meal at Rachel's -- burgers and brats on the grill, veggie pizza, chips and dip, and some wonderful salads -- and spent a nice, relaxed evening socializing and knitting.  Thanks so much.

Tomorrow:  Photos of the baby blanket and of Juno Regina -- I think I've got it!



Lovely photos VIcki. Truly a Van Gogh painting on top! Awesome clouds. I love the lone hay bale too. I think we have the same camera: Canon Rebel XSI. ? Are you taking classes or just experimenting on your own? I am loving my new camera but would like have a good guide book to learn it further. Do you have a recommendation?


The clouds in that photo seem to be boiling! What a great shot. Your weekend sounds wonderfully full and relaxing.

Steph VW

oh, wow. What beautiful pictures. I love the Van Gogh sky.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut

Those pictures are beautiful! It reminds me of Van Gogh and Holland for sure.


Incredible photos, Vicki! The Van Gogh is my favorite. I just set it as my desktop pic. Makes me all nostalgic for home.


Beautiful photos Vicki!


Your pictures today are truly breathtaking. I could look at them all afternoon. Wow.


The Van Gogh sky looks like a pair of eyes glaring down from heaven!!


That first sky photo is really terrific.

Mary in Boston

I LOVE the hay bale photo. Reminds me of Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth.


Your photos are astonishing!
I suspect that soon we will be reading about your photography in some fancy publication :-)
really awesome.


ZOMG! Do you have an etsy shop by any chance? Would you be selling prints of that VanGogh sky? That is incredible.


That Van Gogh sky is amazing. And scary -- I think the vertical swirly stuff that makes the bottoms of the clouds bulge is also symptomatic of potential tornadoes. Still, one of the most dramatic photos I have ever seen.


Amazing picture! I particularly like the one of the hay bale (although the Van Gogh sky is great, too!). Whenever I see those giant bales, though, I think about the boys I went to high school with, and how some of them came back to school in the fall newly attractive, all tan and with new muscles, from spending the summer bucking bales. I know this way is much more efficient, but...

Beth S.

These shots are exquisite. The clouds in the top one look like something from the surface of Jupiter.

Ann Kox

Katie didn't tell me that she was on fire in New York!!!!! Or is it just incredible trick photography????????? Love!

Andrea (noricum)

What an amazing sky! I love that first photo! (Catching up on my really-behind blog reading... utilizing skimming!)

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