It's lace!
N is for...

I've been cheated

...been mistreated.  I feel jilted, wilted, sad, and mad.  Heartbroken.  Betrayed.  I'm not pointing fingers -- I don't have enough to go around.  It just stinks all over.

If I had a cheesehead, it would be swathed in black.  As it is, I'm crying into my Brett Favre jersey.  I am ill.

I have been a Green Bay Packers fan for... ever (even in the '80s).  I've been a football fan for-almost-ever.  Sometime in the last 16 years, I became a Brett Favre fan.  He should have been nothing but a Green Bay Packer for... ever.  He should never have retired.

It's all gone sour.

I don't think I can bear to watch.  Any of it.

On the bright side, this could free up a lot of Sunday afternoons and Monday nights, and the occasional Thursday and sometimes Saturday.  I may have to get my football fix watching the Badgers more diligently.  Or find a different sport altogether.

Or knit.



I can't believe he did that to you!!


My mother's husband is in mourning, too. When Favre retired, that was the only time I ever saw him cry, and now this.

May I suggest hockey?

cheesehead with sticks

Amen sister - and they ALL need to share in the blame. I feel betrayed by everyone who played a part. It's going to be a long, uncomfortable, salt-in-the-wounds-wincing season.

Ironically, I don't have a cheesehead either.


It's all so strange!


Even though my dislike for Brett & the Pack are notorious......
my heart goes out to my dear friend Knitorious

It seems the east coast is out to get
all our best.....
they already stole my Kevin Garnett

I could do better, but now I'm sad all over again.. *sniff sniff*


I am with you...either he plays with the Pack or he plays with no one. How could he do this? It feels like my boyfriend cheated on me, and with a skanky girl no less.


"I wish I could quit you!" My favorite line from Brokeback Mountain. I think it applies now....


you were too good for him anyway.


Sorry. What is up with these athletes lately? I was totally disgusted with Manny saying the Sox didn't deserve him and then begging to be traded. Phooey on him.



Just dude.

I'm still in shock.

Of course, you know, when you come over on Saturday I'm like five feet from the stadium. I'll have all the shades drawn, I promise.


Sorry, Vicki. Those athletes all break your heart in the end. The answer is hockey (except hockey players will break your heart too). Erm, how about a nice subscription to the symphony?


I totally agree with you. It's just wrong.

kathy b

He should have retired and gone out on top. What a ninny.


jets. jets jets! Cam is delighted.

Mary in Boston

I've been thinking about you during this entire debacle. Seems like teams just don't matter anymore, it's the individual players you have to follow. I'm sorry Vicki. Wish it had turned out differently.


Oh dear, I better have a beer for you.


More knitting can only be good, right?


Huh? Did Favre do something [again]? ;;scurries off to google; returns:: Sheesh, Noo Yawk? Clearly he was not thinking of you when he did it, the big goof.

Melissa V.O.

No kidding! Did you hear that he's on the '09 cover for the Madden football video game (in a Packers jersey no less!)? And have you heard there's a "curse" for those players who have been featured on the cover to that game? I don't quite believe in those things, but the tales of the other players woes after being featured on the cover are pretty incredible.


I'm not even a Packers fan and I feel the same way! C'mon dude, aren't ya old enough to bow out gracefully? Maybe our Tom Brady will kick Bret's jet lovin behind. ... WHOA what a way way WAY cool vangoghy sky. LOVE the old shale and that scarf/wrap. I've been thinking to make a clapotis (can ya believe somebody hasn't done that?), but the juno regina is maybe gonna be the pattern for the malabrigo lace instead.

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