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It's lace!

Old_shale_ii Old_shale_i

"Old Shale Baby Blanket," Anna Bell's pattern (found here).  I still need to weave in ends, wash and block.  This was knit using reclaimed/recycled yarn; there's plenty left for... a baby sweater, some hats... I'm undecided.


"Juno Regina," Miriam Felton's pattern (found here).  I finally got it -- I'm successfully knitting lace -- and I love it!!  I am now in the decidedly less lacy portion of the project, but still...  I'm using a hank of Morehouse Farm's Merino Lace that I purchased at Rhinebeck in 2006.  I'm so happy to finally be using it because I adore the colors.  I've modified the pattern to make it narrower (more scarf-like) and suspect that it will be 'round my neck more often than not this coming fall and winter.



Look at you go! Lace is so much fun, so addicting. Nice work.


I knew you'd get it someday! Hooray!


You done good with that reclaimed yarn. And I am loving that new lacy scarf! I like the Morehouse Merino lace. I want to track some of that down at Rhinebeck this year.


Yay for Vicki!!!!


The yarn in Juno Regina is gorgeous! As is the lace, btw :-)


I like the simplicity of that baby blanket. Thanks for the link!


Watch out - lace is the most addictive form of knitting, worse than socks even:) Lovely heirloom blankie!


Old shale is such a good pattern. It looks great, Vicki!

Cindy D

Love the yarn you chose for Juno Regina!

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