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Saturday was a little nuts, but it was fun.  Though I'd purchased a couple of new tops last week and my best friend brought me some options from her closet, on Saturday morning I still didn't know What To Wear.  So I did what anyone else would do and made a mad dash to Target -- for paper towels and toilet paper -- and brought home a couple pairs of leggings, a couple of dresses/tops, a bright pink polka-dot cardigan.  I also stopped at a nice resale shop in the area and found another top, a black-and-white scoop-neck dress that looked great but was very much out of the box for me, and a pair of sandals that didn't match any of the stuff that I'd potentially wear to the wedding, but I loved them.  (I'm wearing them today.)  I came home, ripped tags off of everything except the cardigan (what was I thinking?) and threw it in the washer.  I ended up wearing the resale dress (still a little damp when it was time to go) with a pair of the leggings and it felt GREAT to be... out of the box.

I really did pretty much do a drive-by at the baby shower on the way to picking up Ali for the wedding.  The shower was for Ann, the organizer of our Tuesday night knitting group, and the knitters were a) well represented and b) doing a find job Knitting In Public on WWKIP Day!  Hopefully, I'll get the full low-down on the festivities when we knit out on Tuesday.

The wedding was for the eldest child and only daughter of our best ever former neighbors.  Jenny is the same age as Ali and they were best buds through elementary and middle school.  It was wonderful to see Jenny and her brothers -- all three were groomsmen -- and her parents; she was a beautiful bride and I'm happy that we went.

We managed to stop at the graduation party, too, between the wedding and reception -- and for long enough that I could actually sit down!  And drink a beer.  Or two.

The entire weekend was rain-free, dry and breezy, which meant that yesterday we had to hunker down and do some yard work.  I have neglected absolutely everything out of doors this year.  We'd missed earlier opportunities for cutting the grass and then with all the rain it just got longer and longer 'til the push mower just wasn't going to do it and we had to borrow something with power.  I did some weeding and pulling and picking up, trimmed the espalier tree, and planted/rearranged -- or at least placed -- some of the (very few) plants I've managed to acquire.  I haven't really been paying attention, but I've picked up that we're in for a little bit of a dry spell, so maybe I can get the rest of it finished on Wednesday.

I dragged my weary self to the front porch last night with my camera to try out my new zoom lens -- a 55-250mm that'll be great for shooting kids... or begonias.



Wonderful, wonderful pictures! You had quite the weekend! It's nice to finally see better weather for us both!


Hiya, I've not been around for ages, but I'm baaack! (tentatively). I always love reading about you and yours, and I've now been *forced* to re-break the commenting ice by that wonderful chair photograph. It's fabulous! The colours, the texture, the depth of field, the juxtaposition of the fallen-but-still-fresh petal with its hint of pinkness against the rough, brown-grey wood. I love it! Can't all be the lens, now, can it? ;)


Sounds like a really full and fun weekend!


Wow - busy girl! Sounds like fun...

Mary in Boston

I want to see pictures of Vicki-out-of-the-box!

Love the zoom photos. I may have to try that with my new begonia...Black Coffee!

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