Ringside at the rollercoaster

Wonderful Wallaby Hoodie

I have today off and it's a glorious day -- w00t! The long weekend has been busy, but good. I'll be working the next three days, but I expect it to be pretty light with the holiday on Friday.

With the slow time, I might have an opportunity to work on the Mack Sweater! I finished off the hood last night, closed up the underarms, and wove in a few ends -- there are lots more ends, though!

Truck detail

All in all, I'm happy. I had the circs at the neck on Saturday when Mack tried it on and, well, let's just say that this little sweater has a very long life ahead. It came down nearly to his knees -- but the sleeves are also long, so that is good. There's nothing worse than a too-long body with short sleeves, or too-long sleeves with a short body. It's all very much in proportion, just a bit big. Room to grow.



It looks fantastic! I bought that pattern the other day because I know you love to knit it! Mack is going to LOVE that sweater. Nice job Aunt Vicki!


Awwwww! Too cute!


He must love it!! A labor of love!


toot toot!

(that's me honking my horn for the truck sweater)


Honk! Honk! I LOVE it. I'm eagarly anticipating the "Mack on Mack" post!


How cute, Vicki! I'm sure Mack loves his new "truck" sweater. I like to knit sweaters a little big so the little ones can wear them just a little longer. They grow so fast anyway.


Love the Mack truck sweater!
Room to grow is excellent and as you say, hard to pull off in the right proportion.
Is Aunt Vicki the favourite aunt by any chance?


Great sweater.

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