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22 June 2008

This could get a little like Groundhog Day

Ringside at the rollercoaster

I took well over 250 pictures yesterday and have uploaded 32.  I could only post FIVE to the group pool and let me tell ya, that's not easy.  How shall my day be represented?  Was it a representative day?

Roll with the punches, that's my day -- everyday!  Here's the set so far -- I may add more, as time allows.  I've already been at this all morning and it's time to GO OUT AND PLAY WORK PLAY a little and also WORK a little.

Oh, my "J" is in there, too.  I know.  I'm pathetic.


Your photos are fabulous! Wow!

Love the reds and turquoise together!

Those are great pictures! Wow! Extremely impressive!

I do, of course, especially like the one you posted here -- many were such great coompositions -- but Johnny Cash made me laugh.

I have yet to do all the letters from J on too...

Wow, I can't believe how many photos you took!

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