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Since last we met... complete randomness

We scrambled to get the air conditioners installed (we use two window units and a couple of fans, as needed, to cool our big old house) on Saturday when, all of a sudden, it was summer and it was hot.  Mostly, it was humid.  Ick.

Yesterday, a cool breeze blew through all day long -- a very cool breeze... all day long -- and I actually entertained thoughts of turning the heat back on!

Today, more rain.

We postponed Saturday's trip to Madison to celebrate Mack's 3rd birthday on account of severe weather, which was tracking along the very route we'd take.  Both my sister and my daughter called to warn us when they heard sirens.  We still encountered "weather" on Sunday -- trapped in the car at our destination for 15 minutes when the sky opened up -- but not as threatening.  The sky was very dramatic, though, on the way home -- it kept me quite entertained during the drive.

Mack did, indeed, turn 3.  I'm still working on his sweater, so brought it along to do some measuring up.  I showed it to Mack, along with all the colors I'm using for the truck design, and asked him to tell me his favorites.  He loved those colorful little hanks and was clearly excited about the whole thing.  "Can I help you Vicki?"

I am knitting, I'm just knitting very slowly.  Mojo continues to be MIA -- NoMoJo.  Maybe I'll find some in the new Knitty.

Maddy, my youngest, is now a high school senior.  At this time next year, high school will be "so last year," and so will be college for Katie, my eldest.

Alison is talking about enrolling in some classes for fall.  I'll be taking at least one next semester.

I found myself at the mall on Tuesday night.  Total fluke, though I do have a wedding to attend on Saturday -- and nothing to wear.  After trying on more clothes in a couple of hours than I have in the last couple of years, I ended up with three shirts.  I could have brought home more -- Eileen Fisher was striking some home runs, but even with some pretty good sale prices, it was adding up to a lot more than I was willing to part with.

I don't know what I was doing in that department, but as long as I was there -- and they were close enough to "my size" -- I tried on a pair of Jean Paul Gaultier pants.  When they cost $980 (give or take a few dollars), on sale for $565 or so, are they still called "pants"?  They were actually like nothing I'd ever seen or tried on before and, of course, I loved them -- and they didn't fit half-bad, except they were about a foot too long.  Heh.  The fabric was wonderful, the cut had a wide leg and skinny elastic waist and there was this HUGE swath of fabric attached at the back of the waist that wrapped and hugged the behind area and tied in a gigantic bow in the front -- tied with huge, droopy loops, the tails still nearly reached the floor.  It sounds like it would make your butt look big, but it actually looked better than it has in quite some time.  It might have been my frame of mind.  I called Katie from the dressing room -- I knew she'd know who JPG was and would fully appreciate the situation.

Barack Obama was to have visited our area in February, but was thwarted by a snowstorm.  The weather is crappy again, but at least you don't have to shovel it, and he's back!  I'll be watching the webcast.


margene tried them on? I'd have been too intimidated. lol


I'm with Margene - I wouldn't have even tried them on!


More heat and humidity tomorrow, for we who are north of you. And rain. It's no wonder people are obsessed with weather when it changes so frequently and you have to keep on top of it.
I'm doing some baking today because the oven is officially off tomorrow.
Good luck with the clothes shopping.


This weather - it really just needs to settle down or there will be NO summer at all!

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