This could get a little like Groundhog Day
J is for...

Safe At Home

Just the sound of this man's voice makes me laugh -- never mind The Words.  Happily, I was able to roll in the aisles, gasping for breath, during a couple of live performances.

Speaking of The Words...  (Oh my, wasn't that the MOST scandalous thing back in the day!) In a weird coincidence of timing, Maddy had occasion last night to recall one of our own incidents involving Words.  What you need to know is that we have three indoor-outdoor cats, and every now and then we find little gifts and reminders by the back door of exactly how The Circle of Life works.  A couple of months ago, Maddy was watching a movie with some friends in the living room. A cat was meowing annoyingly at the back door and I let her in, realizing too late that he actually brought one of those gifts into the house!  All the kids heard from the other room was me, going "SHIT!  Aw, fuuuuuck... goddammit... dammitalltohell... oh SHIT!"  Glancing, questioningly at each other, Maddy's like, "Excuse me..."  I'm no George Carlin, and maybe that's one of those you had to be there things... but it made us laugh.

Rest In Peace, George Carlin.



Dammittohell! This is a huge loss. I don't think he was done. He was a fucking giant. Shit.


I love George Carlin. I especially remember the routine about Stuff.
Timeless, he is. I didn't know he had passed.
I know all about the little gifts. Luckily we no longer have a cat flap for easy access for bringing in the offerings. Especially the still living ones. Oh ...boy.


Nice tribute to a very funny man! I wish I could have seen him live.

A gift! Excuse me.....
(that just doesn't do it -- have to have the preceeding words to make it funny) It is very funny.



Awwwwwww! I've been out of touch all weekend and didn't even know. Big loss.


...*sigh*. That's a really nice tribute, thanks for sharing.

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