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Mack's truck

Mack's Truck

Sorry for the blurry pic -- I was standing on a plastic/resin lawn chair, one of our originals that's been exposed to all sorts of weather, and I was just a little nervous about it being brittle and the seat giving way or a leg breaking off.  I'm a few rows into the raglan decreases and the beginning of the placket.  I decided not to do the pouch because of the big truck design, which ensures that I'll have enough yarn for the also-by-request hood.

I took a break from the truck sweater last night, though, to start working out a new little project -- which I'm not ready to share yet, but it ought to go pretty quickly once I get some particulars worked out so it won't be long.  I'm using Lion Brand Organic Cotton from last year's Garden Swap package from Lynne and it is DREAMY!!  And that's good because it'll be used for babies and, hopefully, I'll have enough for a hat, too.  I'm using it doubled and on larger (13US) needles.  I've already ripped once, but that only made the yarn softer.  Yum.  It's wonderful stuff!

The big local farmer's market finally opens tomorrow!!!  Carole invited me to shoot a day in the life of... (June 21) so there will likely be plenty of produce and flowers... and Saturday Sky for Sandy.  That's all I'm sayin'.  We'll just have to see what happens during A Day In The Life of... Me.

Happy Weekend!



Cute sweater!
I've been thinking about our farmers market, too. Sounds like a lovely idea!


Mack will LOVE the sweater!!!


The sweater is so adorable! Mack is going to love it!


My Goodwin would love that sweater! Too bad I don't do colorwork. Looks great!


So cute! :)


omgosh - that is so cute!!


So cute, but you surely are devoted to make such an intarsia project.

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