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June 1st and all is well

20080601_vanz_0001edited_2 20080601_vanz_0002edited_2

VIOLA, cornuta, Black Devil.  I can't believe I made my first trip to the nursery on June 1st.  I went for herbs -- some basil and parsley for one of the pergola planters.  I didn't mean to buy these, but... HELLO.  They're PANSIES and they're BLACK!

Mom:  Don't you want something brighter?

Me:  No.

We've had a marvelous weekend -- today was almost practically perfect in every way.  There's been a little change-up and I will have tomorrow off, too.  I haven't seen a forecast, so I can only hope.  And I am.  Hoping.



Wow, I love those!! I absolutely have to visit the garden center. How cool are black flowers? And you know, I bet I could even get your mom to like them if you planted them with bright pink or violet or even yellow flowers. I prefer just the black, to be honest, but you could soften it if you really wanted to.


I hope you have a great day!


We also had perfect weather. Black pansies are my very favorite. I sometimes mix them with orange or white, but often like them alone.


I think they are very sexy looking!! Good luck with today's weather. We're pretty - well, yucky!


Those pansies are stunning. I may have to try my hand at some large planters...I must have some!

Teresa C

We are having great weather right now, but I'd love to add those gorgeous black pansies to the mix. Love the photos.


Those pansies are just so velvety and beautiful! :)

Sue H

Those are HOT!


Sexy pansies!


Gorgeous flowers! I would have snapped them up, too.

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