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Johnny Cash

When Katie was little -- not as young as Mack, but still little -- she went through a Randy Travis phase. I think she finds that a little (maybe a lot) embarrassing now, but I think Randy did his part, along with Raffi, those three Hanson boys, and others to help hone her style and shape her love and appreciation for music.

Mack's got a thing for Johnny Cash. He doesn't watch much in the way of TV or movies, but one of his favorite videos is The Johnny Cash Show. It's terrific, really -- there were some wonderful guests on that show that weren't "country" -- Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Ray Charles. Mack has learned at least parts of many of the songs, often "accompanying" himself on a ukelele. "Jackson" is a favorite and he's said to his mom, and even me, "You be June." Ya gotta have a June to sing "Jackson."

Mack left a message on my mom's answering machine several months ago that's still there. "I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, I keep my eyes wide open all the time..." Can you imagine? The whole first verse sung in a 2-1/2 yo voice? It is priceless and woe to the one who ever deletes that message.

So, anyway, when I saw this Johnny Cash Action Figure, I had to BUY NOW!  (Check out Jimmy Page and Kurt Cobain.  Lord, there's Freddie Mercury and John Lennon, too.  Love.)  And they've been inseparable. My sister wrote, "The first night Mack fell asleep with him, white knuckles and all, and the first words out of his mouth when he woke up and stumbled into the bathroom: Where is Johnny's guitar?"



What a darling story! I love Johnny Cash as well. I have a special place for the song "Jackson"- it was the best, most celebratory song at my brother's wedding last year. Everyone was one the floor, dancing and having a blast... and we were near Jackson- Jackson Hole, that is. Such a great party that night!

My oldest had a similar love for Elvis at that age. Too many viewings of "Viva Las Vegas", and her mother encouraging her to "shake it like Elvis!".


OMG!! "You be June" is just too precious! What a great story to wake up to this morning--thank you!


That's just priceless!


Wait! No Bob? Where's Bob? ;-)
I love Johnny almost as much as Bob.


"You be June"

That just cracks me up. It amazes me how many people love Johnny, even if they "hate" country music. Though I still like Randy Travis!


That's too sweet.
My daughter had a brief phase with Peggy Lee.
She still likes "girl singers".
Is Mack wearing all black?


Oh, I just love it! My 29 year old son and I both have a thing for Johnny as well, even though similar country singers don't inspire quite the same way (we also love Buddy Holley and Patsy Cline and then our tastes diverge quite a bit). You need to get that message off the machine and backed up somewhere!!


:sigh: I've always loved Johnny Cash. And just like Lorette said, I don't even like country music!

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