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Jalousie. I usually can't prounounce the name correctly -- jaloosy or Ja Lucy -- but I love them, anyway. There must have been jalousie windows in a home of my childhood. We moved a lot when I was a kid -- at least once a year until I was in third grade, and sometimes more -- my public school education was kicked off by three different kindergarten teachers.

There are certain things -- elements of design, decor, embellishment, architecture -- that stand out from my childhood. Coppertone, Avocado Green, and Harvest Gold; aluminum canisters and spice shakers; Tupperware; Danish modern furniture; jalousie windows.

It's crazy to have these windows in Wisconsin, but they are represented in many a sun porch, Florida room, or three-season room, and they always catch my eye.

I've posted photos from Flickr before, but never an entire post... Ta-DA!



Great idea for a J! And I'm so with you on the harvest gold!


Oh yes, Avocado Green and Harvest Gold my mothers favorite colors for decorating the house. Her favorite color was blue(?). I remember asking my mother to put jalousie blinds in my was a no go. ;-)


I never knew what they were called but I've always wanted them!


I never knew the name for those either and we had them in spades here in Texas. Funny that we share some of the same "marker memories". The smell of fresh-mown grass, pool chlorine, the sound of a million cicadas droning in the midday sun - ahhh, summer in the 70's.


You're right with the first pronunciation. The emphasis is on the 'ja'. I'm not sure that I would have known what to call them.

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