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Fifty years ago today, the people who made me who I am today... um, the people who made me... got married.  Lordy.  They only stayed married for 12 years, which means that they've been not married for 38 years -- and that's an awfully long time -- wow -- but married once they were and this day I always remember -- though for most of those years, I thought "this day" was the 26th.

It's A Wonderful Life, you know?  Even if some of it was pretty crappy.  If my parents hadn't married, my life would have been quite different.  I do believe I would have had a life, but I might not have had the sisters and brother that I do; I might not have known the same grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins; I might refer to my parents as "birth mom" and "bio dad."

They weren't a very good married couple and they've been better or worse parents, just as I've been a better or worse daughter, but they're mine and I'm theirs and that will never change.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.



Your photos are gorgeous and whether they stayed married or not, they created a life for you and your sisters and brother. Some memories may be good and some not so good but all memories are important.


Another wonderful post straight from the heart.


Wow. That's beautiful.


What a sweet sentiment. Thanks for always sharing from your heart.

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