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I know.  It's knitting -- something no one has seen on this knitting blog in quite some time.  This is Mack's birthday sweater, which was actually due on Wednesday, but anyone can see that there's a ways to go.  It doesn't help with the timing that I'm just sort of making it up and winging it as I go along.  I forgot about the color knitting-in-the-round thing, so I'm knitting back and forth through this part.  I'll join it up again immediately after the truck part and attach the sleeves.  There'll be a little seam to sew right under the arm.  It should work.  I hope.  The black band goes around the entire body for a little continuity.  I think that's what I'm after...

Everyone I know with has an event planned for this summer has it planned for this day.  There's a baby shower, a birthday party, a graduation party, and a wedding.  Someone suggested yesterday that I could just drive by and throw presents and cards out the window -- it would save my having to find something to wear.  I'll tell ya, though, timing is very tight and there are no guarantees -- except the wedding.  That one's been on the calendar for quite a while -- our old neighbor and Ali's best playmate all through grade school.  Oh, just to make it a little more interesting, Maddy is taking her ACT today, too.  After this weekend, my dance card is pretty open.  Wanna dance?



Life does get so busy in the summer, doesn't it?
That sweater is fabulous, My Vicki! And you are winging it! Color me impressed!!!!
I love love the idea of the driveby events. haha.


The truck is looking very nice! The drive-by event description really gave me a funny visual. Have a fun day where ever you go!


Yes, I wanna dance. Foxfire Gardens in Marshfield, July 11, 12 or 13?


I'd say yes to the dance, but I'm so bone tired from all the heavy gardening I've done today, I have all I can do to keep my head up at the moment. ....:)

Teresa C

Cha-cha-cha or quick step?


It's adorable and so creative. It will definitely be adored and worn until it wears out.


that sweater is fabulous! you are an intarsia queen!

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