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motivation : the act or process of motivating

motivating : to provide with a motive

motive : something (a need or desire) that causes a person to act

I can't really say what my motive is, but mine is not to question; the bottom line is that motivation has occurred and I'm rolling with it.

On Sunday morning, I walked the dog over to my mother's house, tied her to one of the front porch pillars, went upstairs, and stepped on the scale.  (I don't have a scale at my house.)  Mom wrote down the number, just in case I wanted to use that as a benchmark -- because at that point, I was still not all in -- then she gave a bottle of water and a few other little things (one rarely leaves Mom's empty-handed), and I walked the dog back home.

Yesterday morning, I did the same thing.  Down 1.2.  Many more to go... it's a good start.  An obscure milestone was yesterday -- marking 3 years and 3 months since I quit smoking right here on this blog.  I've been blogging longer as an ex-smoker than as a smoker and that's really weird because I was a smoker for the majority of my life thus far.  I'll live to well over 100 and then that won't be the case.

Anyway, not sure when I'll do it again... or get my own scale.  I've been eating better -- and drinking better.  Water, water, water -- we all know it, but rarely do I do it.  The fluffy parts are less fluffy when I consume more water than Coke.  Oh boy, I love, love, love my Caffeine-Free Diet Coke -- the fully caffeinated stuff before that, the saccharine-sweet TAB before that, the original Real Thing before that.  I've always been a Coke girl -- Things Go Better With Coke, Coke Is It, Have A Coke and A Smile, I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke (and then we can sing!) -- I'll never give it up completely and won't even try, but I do hope to drink it with more intention, and hopefully enjoy it more.

Meanwhile, the truck part is complete on Mack's sweater and I've managed to attach the sleeves and get a few rows into the placket.  The Tuesday night knitting girls loved it.  I'll try to get a photo tonight.



Drinking water isn't a problem for me. Of course, I'd probably be less fluffy if I laid off the martinis.


You go girl!
It's true, the little things do add up. A little walk here and there, more water.
I think it's neat that you can walk to your mom's house.


Can you send a little motivation my way? I've been lacking in that department lately.


Yay, yay, yay for you!!!!!


So you're looking after yourself, which is a good thing. And like Elizabeth said, the little things add up. Keep on. We're all here cheering for you, and cheering you on.


You have been my inspiration for a long time to quit smoking. I am in awe of you. I just posted my own feelings today. I want to be where you are.


go for it... I dropped two sizes when I started working at the store and had to be on my feet for 6-8 hours at a time.... walking is all you need - just a little bit every day if you can. You will be amazed!


Very good job on the not smoking bit. As a former cardiology nurse, I say it's the best thing you can do for yourself.

And the exercise/weight is the second best. I just got back in that race last week as I hadn't quite reached my goal and then in the craziness since the new year I regained a bit.

The nice thing about knitting blogs is you only have to mention the non-knitting bits when you want to, like when you want a little encouragement or accountability. I'll cheer you on if you like.


Yippy! Good for you. I can't believe it's been 3 years and 3 months. What an amazing accomplishment.

On a separate note, I'm a total sugar addict and used to be a HUGE Caffeine Free Diet Coke fan. It took me many years to kick it until I was having systemic issues from all the sugars and sweeteners. If you want more reasons and encouragement to kick that Coke habit... let's chat. I'm all water, all the time now. I feel so much better.


You go girl. The payoff is huge, and oh so worth it.

kathy b

Oh I am a Coca Cola Coke girl too. I prefer them from the fountain. If I keep coke in the house, I cannot stop drinking it. I am a block from 3 places that sell fountain coke, so I make myself go out to get it. That helps curb my addiction!

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