No more pencils, no more books

Up for air

School's out and my closet is clean -- the whole house, in fact, is cleaner than it's been in quite some time.  We've tossed much, donated much, aim to sell some -- beginning tomorrow, in fact, the first of a two-day rummage sale at Mom's.

Mother's Day has come and gone, and was very nice.  We celebrated with a family brunch in Madison and it was lovely with three varieties of quiche, grainy waffles, balsamic beet salad.  I have the most wonderful present from the girls to share -- as soon as I have a minute to take and download a picture!  I hung around in Madison for an extra day to care for my nephews on Monday -- including a meet-up in Verona with Gretchen and three of her kids, one of whom is only 2 days older than Mack!

There's a million things going on and it's just been a crazy, crazy week -- or two or three -- bordering on bizarre, even.  But not completely void of sane, grounding, beautiful, wonderful...

Img_0472bw Img_0643bw Img_0613bw

...scary, exhilarating, fun times... some of them with my camera.  This is "one" of the million things.

Not sure when I'll be back, but I shall.



I've been hoping to hear from you and it's good to hear all is going well. You're doing a great job on the photo front!


Fantastic photos!


Beautiful photos!


Glad to hear you had a nice time :)

Love the pictures!


Darling photos!


Dude! Very, very excellent! Did you shoot in b&w or do the change in post?


Beautiful photographs, Vicki.


I never tire of baby photos!


Glad you could stop for coffee! It was great meeting Mack and Addison in person! Trust me when I say while you've posted cute pics- they are ever so much cuter in real life! Hope you swing by again soon!

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