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I had my eyes checked yesterday for the first time in three years.  There is no change to the distance vision and the bifocal is being edged up just a bit.  I've been doing most of my reading without glasses altogether for the past few months.

Did you know?  My #1 requirement is a sun-clip and hardly anyone makes them anymore.  "They're so expensive... Styles change... They get lost or scratched or broken," I was told.  Hm, let me see...

One pair of glasses with a clip that I might lose or scratch or break for $399.99
      Total = $399.99


One pair of "special offer" designer glasses for $314.00
One pair of "special offer" Rx sunglasses that I might lose or scratch or break for $264.00
      Total = $578.00

WTF?  I don't get it.  It can't be that difficult.

One of the seven pair with clips might work!  The girls will all be here this weekend and I will drag some combo of them with me to get some other opinions, probably check some other stores.  Maybe I'll have another peep show!  We could also see how the crow's feet have changed, the jowls have sagged, the eyelids have drooped over the past three years.

Um, maybe that'll be an ix-nay on the eep-pay ow-shay.

I might also consider something like EClips or (because at the price, I might not be able to resist) Tailored Sun-Clips.  Any other recommendations?



Do you have a Costco? They have great prices. Have a fabu weekend!


I have clip on sunglasses from walmart that are $6-$16 and they work great. Plus not having to get sick at my stomach if I lose/break/scratch them.



I lost my prescription sunglasses last year and I'm so frustrated! I can't get a new pair until I go to the eye doctor for a new prescription, don't ya know. But I love the idea of those Tailored Sun Clips. Do you think they will really work? I'm tempted!


if you find a style you like, try searching for it online. I found my glasses for about $300 (yes, really!) less than retail by buying the frames online.

Debbie in Iowa

I'm a little skeptical about the tailored clip ons -- they don't actually say they provide protection from the sun, just that they're tinted. There does seem to be a language issue there, so maybe they just aren't selling it well. They look good, though.

In the past I have gotten clip-on sunglasses from the likes of Target or Wal-Mart that were fine.

I just recently purchased (regular) glasses online for a ridiculously low price using the information at (a blog about buying glasses online) -- you may well find an acceptable pair of sunglasses for not much more than you'd pay for clip ons, especially if you don't need the reading part of the lens in your sunglasses (I don't read much when I'm in the sun anyway).

Good luck!


I was just coming to post the link to glassyeyes (found via Lifehacker --


lasik! of course I can't h ave it but Jon did and he loves it!


I've been buying a brand with matching magnet-on polorized shades. I think they're called Innovative. They end up running around $500 total if you get the non-glare, thin lenses, etc. and they only seem to have metal styles, but the magnet dohicky and the perfectly matched shape is awesome! You can put the sunglass part on with one hand because of the magnets. Since they're pretty expensive I also wait about 3 years between. I'm overdue.


My husband got new glasses recently (thanks to that adorable boy you met!) and he got two pairs of glasses at EyeMart Express really reasonably- like a couple hundred less than I have paid at LensCrafters. I think the deal is that they're not the latest style. He's happy, and saving money is always cool.

Good luck, and can't wait to see the new specs!


Eh, no good advice... I end up with two pair all the time. Time before most recent, maybe 3 years ago, I got two pair for ~$250 and I though wow, what a deal! This last time? A whopper like yours. They did have some over your script glasses sunglass set, but I think that two sets of bows on my ears would be cumbersome. Peep show Peep show!! (hope your girls got it figured out, geesh, I'd've suggested Amber go back to whatever she was doing before so she wasn't around so much...)


I solved the same problem by buying glasses with transition lenses, the ones that change color in the sun. My optician recommended it and although I had all sorts of ideas against it (based mainly on memories of people going with half dark glasses inside which always looked weird to me), I am really happy with them. You don't have to worry about losing anything and you don't have to carry an extra pair with you all the time. You can see examples and read about them at transitions dot com.


check out They have a decent selection of glasses with sun shades for a very decent price. I just got three pair of single vision glasses for 54.00.


Ugh! I just got my first pair of reading glasses ever...I have never worn glasses, only contacts. I bought three pairs of reading glasses a week ago and have already lost one pair. Grrr.


has it really been THREE YEARS? I remember the peep show as if it were yesterday. Maybe that sounds wrong. But you know.....


You can take your current prescription for glasses to Wal-Mart, pick the cheapest frames they have and tell them you want single vision lenses dyed to the darkest shade for sunglasses. I think I spent about $54 two years ago doing that. It was relatively cheap and easy. I went with a nerdy men's frame since it looked just like Ray-Bans Wayfarer frames.


Ava's advice looks interesting -- I might try that sometime.

But for the past ~5 years (since I lost the custom magnetized clip-ons for the prescription glasses I had then) I have been quite happy with clip-ons from Target or WalMart. They come in all the shapes and sizes of current styles, so they look fine. I have never had any trouble with them scratching my lenses.


my only concern about clip-ons is that they may not protect your eyes against the sun enough. your normal glasses are considerably smaller than sunglasses and therefore are letting UV rays come in through the sides, etc.

just my take.


I have 2 pairs of e-clips for my 2 pairs of glasses. They come in a hard case which I keep in my purse. I just need to have the pair that matches the glasses I'm wearing. I used to carry a pair of sunglasses, and these take up less room. Two pairs of tri-focal glasses is a long story, but it's called insurance.


Just wanted to say I bought the sunclipies tailored sun clip ons a year ago, after i had read about them in your blog. they are just perfect, much nicer than the ordinary clip ons (they are clipped in behind the glasses), exactly matching my designer eyeglasses and dont cost much. you get 3 pairs from them and you can even choose different colors.

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