Progress all around
Up for air

No more pencils, no more books

No more teacher's dirty looks...


Yippee!  Most kids at my school have another week, but due to an instructor scheduling conflict we met extra-long last night to take our final, do our presentations, and eat yummy treats.  Luckily, I left "room" for the possiblity of treats.  Mmmm, yum, sweet chocolate-cherry treats from the culinary department made under the direction of a real Certified Executive Pastry Chef (a very rare breed, I'm told).

I had only one class this semester -- after signing up for three right off the bat last semester (my first semester) and having to drop one -- mostly writing, it was good and challenging and very worthwhile, but I never felt over-extended.  Thank goodness.  I was most impressed and appreciative of the instuctor's constructive criticism and feedback.

I have learned so much about myself in the past year -- my learning style, my reaction to different teaching styles, reconciling the two when they don't jive -- that, alone, was worth tuition.

I'm taking the summer off -- doing and learning about some other things, thinking about and working out my direction and focus for the future.

But right now, I must keep my focus and carry on with the tossing, turning, cleaning, bagging, boxing around here... I'm like a steamroller, baby!



You're really on a roll...learning new things, getting out the old and turning over new leaves. Good going!


Yeah!! Don't forget your lunch box!


Phew! I remember that feeling well.



When you're done with that steamroller, don't put it away. Bring it over here, wouldja? I'm even considering buying you a plane ticket. :)


Oh hurray! It must feel good, Vicki. I loved school but finishing it felt soooooo good when summer arrived.


Yay, Vicki! I'm taking The Summer Off too (it must be capitalized - it is a momentous occasion). But I'm committed for another week, so get started relaxing without me, okay?


As we prepare for a move to Wisconsin, we've had the most amazing experience with simplicity. In an effort to make our already somewhat minimalist home even more appealing to the (RARE) potential buyer, I packed up literally half of our belongings four months ago. Baking pans, photo albums, books, linens,and much, much more all packed in boxes in the garage. And the only thing I've missed is the toaster. 45 boxes and we miss nothing. It's sort of
a sobering lesson in "stuff".

Still, a buyer would be nice.....


no more teachers.. no more know the rest. Steamroll away!

Beth S.

Congratulations! :-) Enjoy that sweet, sweet freedom.


Here's hoping for a great summer break!


Woo-hoo! Have a great summer break! Also, I've sent you a Ravelry PM, kindly reply.

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