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Knitting, anyone?

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I did find a little bit of knitting time over the weekend.  I turned a corner on the fun kid blanket border -- which everyone loves and agrees that it's going to be hard to give away.  That only makes it extra-special.  I'm glad I love it so much.

Img_1214rI put the blanket aside on Saturday, though, and started on the "sweater with a truck on it" for Mack's birthday.  I'm knitting a Wee Wallaby in size 4 mostly with some Mission Falls cotton from stash, though the actual truck design (yet to be finalized and charted) will be in brand new Cascade something-or-other.  I accomplished quite a bit on the first sleeve while assisting at the rummage sale and had a couple of inquiries, too.  One man, mid- to late-20s I'd guess, asked, "What kind of knitting is THAT?"  Kudos for knowing that I wasn't sewing, but had apparently never seen DPNs in use before.  A little girl, probably 9 or 10, paid me for the item she purchased and asked me if I was knitting mittens!  There's a young 'un who knows her stuff!  She was genuinely interested to learn that I was working on a sleeve.

Thank goodness, we're in the midst of a very slow warm up -- I'm savoring every degree!  The biggest benefit to the cooler weather is how long the tulips last.

I've an incredibly busy day ahead -- lots of running around -- but book club is tonight and that'll be a great ending to the day.  We'll be discussing Snow Flower and The Secret Fan, which I am really enjoying but started late and certainly won't finish by tonight.  The next selection is my pick and I think I'm going with Julie and Julia.

My most heartfelt thanks to everyone who commented or emailed in response to yesterday's post.  I can't say thank you enough, but please know that the  perspective, insight and suggestions are helpful and greatly appreciated.



I'm loving that blanket and your tulips are so pretty!


That blanket is so neat! What a joy it is watching it evolve! :)


I could use that blanket this morning. I'm trying to sit on the porch and their is still a bit of a chill. But I have my "Vicki Candle" lit for the 1st time today to send you warm thoughts and lots of love!


I happen to be reading Julie & Julia right now - it's great; you're sure to enjoy it.


Tulips! Ours our long gone. The heat wave has passed and we're now enjoying a spring rain. Your knitting looks fabulous!!


I picked Julie and Julia for our book club late last year -- what a co-inky dink!

Beth S.

What a nifty project! :-) I think it would make a great area rug, too, if you used the right kind of yarn and then put something underneath so it wouldn't slip.

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