H is for...
Break time

It ain't gonna be pretty

Today is my last day at work until next Tuesday.  Tomorrow, I begin a cleaning/organizing marathon at home.

I'm starting with my closet.  There will probably be tears.

It's easily going to be the worst job of the week, so I may as well get it over with.  How's that for strategy?

To start, I'm stripping the bed.  The contents of the closet will be heaped upon it for sorting -- nothing that doesn't fit or that I don't like is going back in.

And the crying will commence.

Between the quitting smoking and the menopause, I've gained a lot of weight and half the clothes in there don't fit anymore.

I haven't worn a dress/jumper/skirt, to speak of, in the last three or four years, yet one entire rod is full of dresses/jumpers/skirts -- because there was a time (four of five years ago) when that's practically all I wore.

I've put this off for a while.

I wonder if there will be an echo in there.

On the bright side:  It's time to spring-wash all the woolies!



It feels so good when you get it done. I did it a month ago and I'm still happy about all the space in my closet!


Godspeed Vicki! I f***ing hate spring cleaning although at least I can use chronic illness as the excuse! At the same time, when it is all over, you are going to feel fabulous - it's just the process that sucks.


I have been doing the same thing around here. Little by little. I am working on the attic right now... well not right this minute because right this minute I am goofing off and typing this. It's sad to lose some favorite clothes...but the extra space you gain is nice.


I love to clean my closet - it makes me happy to make room for new stuff. I'm a wee bit greedy like that (and with yarn)

Stacey aka The Loom Whisperer

I know. :D Someone recently threw me into the dating pool and I hate everything I have. It doesn't fit, I look like a whale...blah blah.

Chocolate helps. Kind of.


I've made a regular date with a local charity for pickups. Every other week I quickly go through the place and fill up a bag or two and oftentimes more. I've gotten rid of so much and I don't even remember any of it! I'm thinking of having them come by every week!

cheesehead with sticks

I'll do your closet if you do my kitchen cupboards?

Goodluck, and go out and buy yourself a couple of new fabulous tops that do fit - it's a great ego boost! :)


I really need to clean out my closet too. There are things I haven't worn in there since 1994 I bet... I just hate looking at the huge pile of clothes and thinking about all the money that went into them.


But it will be GREAT when it is all over!


Always one to see the silver lining... I'm thinking about how that clean closet will be begging you to fill it with brand new handknit sweater! Best of luck with this endeavor.


Good luck with that task. Perhaps a wee bit of clothes shopping might be in order.


You left out the most important part of this process - the reward for getting it done! Be sure to figure out where there are gaps in your wardrobe and then plan a trip to do some clothes shopping. There is nothing nicer than having a closet full of nice clothes that DO fit you! My own goal for the past couple of years has been to develop a wardrobe that I could reach into blindfolded and pull out two items (one for the top, one for the bottom) and have them go together. Yeah, I'm not big on the agonizing over what to wear! Please reward yourself with something nice and new that looks great on you and makes you feel great for purging the old guilt-makers!


When you're done, head over to my house. I not only need to go through my closet, but the kids' as well. The changing-over to spring/summer clothes is such a time consuming task. I have to have the 7 year old try on everything, to see if it still fits, then either put it directly in her sisters' dresser, or the "too little for Sophie, too big for the twins" storage bin. I swear it takes me three hours to get this done. Ugh. At least their brother is simple- it either fits him or it goes to Goodwill.

Good luck to you! I might have to start my own sorting this week in solidarity!


Yes! You'll be so happy when it's done. I need to do mine, too. Business suits? So unnecessary now that I mostly do CART. Not to mention that most of them don't fit me anymore.....


Fill the empty space with yarn!


I just did the closet cleaning last weekend. There are now five kitchen garbage bags of clothes to drop off in the back of my Jeep. It is a hard task because the body is involved but I love Julia's reminder that we need a reward. Good luck, Vicki, with all your Spring organizing.


yay Vicki!! I will give you a holler in the morning before the crying begins :)


Good luck Vicki, I just sorted the boys clothes and I really need to do mine, soon;0)


you have my sympathies, I am facing a closet of my own. I have seriously considered renting storage just so I don't have to go thru it all.


Do ONE OTHER thing for yourself. Take a good look at the bra drawer. Then, go get fitted. With menopause, etc, the body changes. I was SHOCKED. But, I treated myself to bras that fit. Without that, nothing looks good.

Teresa C

Heh, I read this post in bloglines and kept going into the next post I have there for you, one that I saved from last May 29th, in which you were digging through closets and cleaning them. I think I saved it for the crochet quilt, because again, one year later, I'm thinking of doing one. Will it get past the thinking stage before next May?

Beth S.

You are brave, brave, brave. ;-)


I'm afraid to do this to my closet - I'd be left with only 10 (and that's being generous) items of clothing I wear. Then again, I'd make a lot of room available for fiber...

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