It ain't gonna be pretty
Progress all around

Break time

There's a trash bag and a half (so far) destined for the thrift shop.  There's a pile of jumpers and dresses of possible interest to a sister or two.  There have been a few surprising discoveries -- things buried, stuff I'd forgotten about.  Also, there's more that fits me than I was expecting -- particularly in terms of summer season clothing.  That is good news.

I have kept a small selection of the next-size-down clothing.  There's quite a bit more in the next-next- and the next-next-next-size down -- my comfort range, which I'm aiming to reclaim.  I started the reclamation project last night.

White tulip

I drove downtown, as usual, to the coffee shop where we knit out every Tuesday.  I'm always early because it's wasteful in every possible way for me to go home and then go back.  There are one or two others who regularly show up early, and even if they don't...  I often have a sandwich and soup as fortifification for the evening of jovial knitting and socializing.  Well, last night I parked the car, locked it up, and walked.  I walked a few blocks west to a main intersection, crossed the street, walked many more blocks east to the "end of downtown," crossed the street, and headed west again 'til I ended up back at the coffee shop -- 1.25+ miles total.  First at a pretty good clip, then a little slower when I felt the shin splints.  I then had a caesar salad w/chicken and a minimal amount of dressing for supper, and cranberry-raspberry fruit smoothie for "dessert."  I'll have to find a replacement for the smoothie -- or make it a weekly treat.

There's a bit more to do in the closet, but there was an invitation to lunch -- which I never turn down -- and then I had to photograph these tulips... but I'm heading right back up there!!

Inside the white tulip



It's those little changes that make a big difference, I think. If only I could motivate myself to make some changes.
That last tulip photo is positively stunning.


The tulip is beautiful. Your resolve and determination is impressive. I agree with Carole, it is the small changes that make the most difference over time - they are also the ones you tend to stick with.


My mother always said "A change is as good as rest.". You'll come back refreshed and raring to go again.


Even the smoothie may fit depending on the recipe. Hopefully it's a milk serving, and one or two of your fruit, as long as they're not adding any 'syrup' or sugar. it also depends on how many ounces it is. Keep on with those efforts. We're cheering you on.


Beautiful pictures, Vicki!


Yippee!!! For all of it.


Slow and steady.... that's the ticket. Sounds like you are making some great lifestyle modifications to achieve your goals.

Go You!!!

Mary in Boston

Yay for everything!!! I like your attitude! When I was taking the poetry class in Boston, one of my favorite parts was to get there early and walk around town for 45 minutes. It's so invigorating!

You are really becoming such a great photographer too. Love the tulip pictures.


If you are like me, the reward will be in the simplicity of living with what you need and little else. What a pleasure it will be to see what you own, easily move through it and select something that fits without all the chaos of "those are too tight, those are too short, those are matronly, those are wearing thin, those are missing a button" etc. You really deserve to live simply, and a closet is a GREAT place to start.


stunning tulip photos.
and congrats on the huge closet cleanout - always a good thing to do.


Awesome photo of the tulip!


YOu know, Vicki, I can never see a tulip now without thinking of your swap package from last year. I loved every bit of that tulip theme.

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