G is for giddy!  H is for happy!!  I is for "I can't wait!"!!


Even though this is, technically, one of the world's worst pictures, it is quite high on my list of faves!  It's a perfect, definitive picture of that happy, inquisitive, on-the-move little boy!  As of next week, I ought to have a camera that can keep up with him a little better.  (G is for giddy!  H is for happy!  I is for "I can't wait!")

A rumble made me stop for a sec when I got out of the shower this morning; I finally realized that I was hearing thunder!  A flash of lightning and more thunder a little while later confirmed it.  It rained most of the night and has been raining for most of the morning.  It's also cold and there's snow in the forecast.  There's something like hail or freezing rain plinking against the windows right now.  It's going to be a good weekend to stay in and cook, knit, watch movies, and read!

Maybe I'll get inspired and seam Oblique and get to blocking and finishing some of the other projects that are lingering a bit too long.  I took a peek at my Completed In 2008 photo album and it's pathetic!  Good grief, April's almost half over and I've only one FO to show!  That's pretty bad, even for a process knitter.  That nominal knit-blogger Norma might even have more FOs than me at this point.



I think that photo is adorable. So, what kind of camera are you getting?


I can't wait, either! It's so fun to watch your progression and be a small part of it.


Helllllooo! It's mid-April you guys! Where's your croci? Where are the buds? That is one sweet little guy! You got the most important thing, his personality :) I can not believe how fast the boys are growing. This time thing sometimes scares me.

Mary in Boston

He's adorable! No wonder you enjoy having them visit so much. The new camera will be fun!


now see, that picture looks great to me! you will be leaving me in the dust and joining the ranks of knitbloggers with fabulous photos. sigh.


The photo definitely captures the essence of the subject. Those aren't technical flaws, they're representations of the concepts.

Spring weather seems to be even more all over the place than usual. While I was gone Seattle had snow. Tomorrow we may hit 70.


That's an adorable photo.
Don't feel so bad, I just realized last week that I haven't even put up my 2008 album. How's that for slack?

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