One ringy-dingy...
What to wear, or what not to wear?

The way it is

I saw the sun and it was warm this morning, so I left my coat at home.  We had the best weather weekend so far -- 62 at noon yesterday -- and it felt so good to travel light.  You know, I heard the news teaser about the weather, hinting and cold and even wet, but somehow I forgot... or chose to be uber optimistic... or stubborn.  It's SPRING, dammit!  Well, it wasn't long before clouds moved in this morning -- the cold steely gray ones, ushered in on a pretty good wind to boot.

I've finished and given away my third Mason-Dixon dishcloth of the spring.  They're gone as soon as they come off the needles.  The dishcloth knitting was supplanted by a little bit of stealth knitting last night, which will continue for another few days and which also has given me a bright idea for the finishing of another project!  This other thing was kind of overwhelming at the time and was put aside, but I'm excited now.

Distractions are through the roof at the moment -- personal, professional, physical.  The tinnitus was constant and steady all weekend, and may be is a little louder -- definitely more annoying -- today.  I've made an appointment with the ENT for Wednesday; a bright and early date with the audiologist first.

Dsc02482_0029We had breakfast at "Maddy's restaurant" yesterday.  I love being able to walk there.  I had scrambled eggs, sausage, a toasted croissant, and the little potato thing I was after -- and that gigantic strawberry (which was surprisingly good).  They call it  "spudup" and claim Ohio as the culinary source.  I will require further opportunities for testing.



Oh yummy! That breakfast looks good. We had snow this morning...I'm dressed as warm as the middle of winter. We might have a weekend next weekend, like the one you just can hope!


Breakfast looks yummy. I hope the ENT guy can give you some relief. I saw something on Good Morning America today about some new tool they have for helping with this, too.


This Spudup you tease me with - what ever does it taste like?

Cindy D

Yes........spring is here and we can feel it.....wish we had sixties here in's coming I hope. Hope your ear ringing gets resolved.


OMG, I could eat the computer screen! There is just nothing better than simple, satisfying breakfast foods.


Shlurp~ Now that's a breakfast! Sudup sounds good.Good luck on Wednesday, I would have shoved an icepick in my ear by now.


From here the potato thing looks like bratkartoffeln... description or zoom-in shot, please?


Breakfast looks scrumptious! Thank goodness that place is not within walking distance of my house. :)

Sorry to hear about your ear problem. I can only imagine how annoying that would be. Hope it's an easy fix!

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