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Playing a new game

When all else fails, why not make a numbered list of random things on my mind.

1.  John Mayer's "Wonderland" is playing on the radio.  I really like John Mayer.

2.  One day a couple of weeks ago, Katie & I heard a different John Mayer song playing in every place we stopped.  I went alone to the grocery store later that day and had to call Katie when a (you guessed it) John Mayer song began to play.  It was kind of way freaky.

3.  Neil Diamond is coming to town on a Hot August Night.  (Literally: August 27th.)  ("Town" being Green Bay -- close enough.)

4.  We're contemplating getting tickets to Neil Diamond for Mom for Mother's Day instead of the usual greenhouse/garden center gift certificate.  (Contemplation deadline is May 5th, when tickets go on sale.)

5.  I went out to lunch on Wednesday with Mom and two of our former neighbor ladies (from when I was 10-12).  Mom mentioned that she'd heard some guy on the radio talking about how he'd helped an elderly lady... an elderly lady who was about 70 years old.

6.  Mom is 70 years old and made it remarkably clear that she is not elderly; she enlisted the neighbor ladies (both right around 70, themselves) to agree that they are not elderly, either (though I think deep down inside, they might actually feel it a little more).  I submitted than anyone who is older than you is an elder... maybe even elder-ly.

7.  Neil Diamond is 67 and on tour.  A 70-year-old who will never be "elderly" and who loves The Diamond Cutter couldn't possibly be too old to enjoy it...

8.  I wish we'd get a little stretch of warm, sunny days -- I want to take a few days off, but I want nice ones.

9.  I'm starving.  Lunch is on the way.

10.  TGIF.  Hoping for a nice balance in the weekend -- get a few things done, do a few things just for me.  Wishing the same for you.



Music is on our minds, eh? I'm very hungry and hoping lunch comes early today! ;-)


I am so excited about Neil's new tour! I'm in DC and he's coming here 8/5. The Hot August Night didn't even occur to me until you mentioned it. How awesome!!


It's WARM here today - hooray! I just spent the latter part of the morning spinning on the deck and it was marvelous!


My mother recently reached that same birthday. If you ask her she will vigorously deny being that age and will claim that she is 35; for the record I am 37 - and she has an explanation for how she gave birth at -2.


Have you seen Neil in concert? OMG, you HAVE to take Mom! And can I just say that I'm not Neil's "target" audience (if there is such a thing) and I totally love him.


John Mayer? Ick. I bet you like Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews too. Eeeuuuwww. LOL

And I might have seen Neil in concert a time or 3. With my mom of course. ;)


I love lists! I'd never get anything done without them. There's something about checking things off that gives me a sense of accomplishment. My Mom is 70 also and we don't talk about it! lol


You HAVE to get the tickets instead of the garden-center gift!!


The best definition of age that I have heard: "old" is always 20 years older than you. My husband's grandfather, on turning 90, said, "Ninety isn't old. It isn't even a hundred."


I love Neil Diamond. And I'm 21. Sometimes I'm slightly embarrassed by my taste in music...but really only until I turn on the radio and realize that Neil et. al. are way awesomer than almost everything currently on the radio.


Your only as old as you feel, don't they say?
Wishing some of our weather your way, it's positively summer-like. And so appreciated!


My mom is finally admitting to being old at a couple months shy of 80. But she's in decent shape except for stiff knees and some minor annoyances. And she's selling her house and all of her furniture to move into a new house we bought and furnished for her home/our vacation home. She's almost giddy with the thrill of her 'New Start' - not really an 'old' attitude. Still, we'll see how sharing a house for a few weeks at a time a few times a year goes.

I won't offer to share our weather right now - definitely not what you want.

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