Not-quite-wordless Wednesday
Playing a new game

Picture me...



Head Rest I.

Head_rest_ii Bleeding_heart_walnuts

Head Rest II, and Bleeding Hearts with Walnuts.

These are the first pics (worth saving) with my new camera.  Yep, even with a fancy new camera, I still take "pics."  They're also part of my Garden Set on Flickr, where you'll find a few more details.

Michael_perry_004a_2This week has been crazy-busy, but with room for heaps of fun.  Last night I drove to the Chilton Public Library to hear Michael Perry, one of my favorite Wisconsin authors, read and tell stories, both old and new.  It can be such a wonderful thing to hear a writer read his own work.  Michael is genuine, humble, shy, and so very grateful to his readers -- I think even sometimes astounded -- to be making his living as a writer.  I was able to get a couple of my books signed -- Population: 485 and Truck: A Love Story.  I had to buy a new Population as mine strayed off to a new home long ago!  It was a fun night.



The picture of the head tells a story (and brings up many questions, too!). Good work!


Are you loving the new camera?!?


Love the pics! Remember that it's who is behind the camera that makes the shot - not the actual camera itself. Um, is it just me (and my thing for kind of baldish sort of guys) or is Michael kind of HOT?

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